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October 1, 2007 420 Magazine Newsletter

Jim Finnel

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420 Magazine Newsletter
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October 1, 2007

California Cannabis News - Updated Daily!

State Still Hashing Out Medical Marijuana Rules
Highly publicized raids last month on three medical marijuana outlets in downtown San Mateo were the latest example of the continuing clash between state and federal officials over medicinal cannabis. And that clash is reverberating through communities across the state.

Marijuana Initiative To Be On 08 Ballot
An Alameda County Superior Court judge has nullified the results of a hotly-contested 2004 election due to mishandling of a recount by Alameda County election officials, and ordered Berkeley's Measure R — a citizen-sponsored medical-marijuana initiative — back on the ballot for a re-vote in 2008.

Feds Close Down Marijuana Candy Maker
After a two-year investigation, federal agents busted an Oakland-based marijuana candy maker this week, seizing hundreds of marijuana-laced products and nearly 460 marijuana plants.

Feds Target S.B. Medical Marijuana Shops
After enjoying years of relatively hassle-free business, Santa Barbara’s medical marijuana scene is feeling the heat this week, with a distinctly ganja-scented cloud of uncertainty hanging over its future in the wake of a federal Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) letter-writing campaign.

50,000 Plants Uprooted In Santa Barbara County
Some 50,000 pot plants were uprooted after authorities discovered a massive marijuana garden growing on both sides of rural Highway 1 south of Lompoc. Machetes, chain saws and a helicopter were used Tuesday in the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department eradication of the estimated $160 million crop.

Federal War On Medical Marijuana Becomes A War On Children
Automatic weapons. Check. Helicopters. Check. Dogs. Check. Bulletproof vests. Check. You may not buy the government's characterization of its campaign against medical marijuana patients as a "war on drugs," but increasingly violent, militaristic tactics in recent months offer a troubling glimpse into the federal law enforcement community's mentality: To them, this is war.

CAMP Makes Little Headway Against California Marijuana Growers
Fall has arrived, and with it the annual effort by law enforcement across the country to eradicate the outdoor marijuana crop. Nowhere is the effort more elaborate or impressive than California, where the Campaign Against Marijuana Planting (CAMP) has been heading out into the countryside to rip up pot crops since 1983.

Budget Solution: Legalize Marijuana
Another state budget writing season is over, and another deficit budget adopted, with lip service to fixing the so-called "structural deficit." Meanwhile, from deep in the Emerald Triangle of Northern California, reputed as the national capital of marijuana growing, comes a simple idea that could solve the budget deficit and end the greatest American hypocrisy since Prohibition.

Worldwide Cannabis News - Updated Daily!

Marijuana Arrests Set New Record For 4th Year In A Row & Exceed All Violent Crime
For the fourth year in a row, U.S. marijuana arrests set an all-time record in 2006, according to the just-released FBI Uniform Crime Reports.
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Why Do Police Really Oppose Marijuana Legalization?
The superb efforts of our friends at Law Enforcement Against Prohibition notwithstanding, police generally oppose efforts to reform marijuana laws. Yet, as marijuana arrests reach a new record high each year, it becomes increasingly difficult to point towards any societal benefit to these costly attacks on otherwise law-abiding Americans.
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Americans Compromise On Pot
Take one swift glance at a U.S. map coded to reflect the widely varying marijuana laws in each state, and drug policy seems to range from irrational to incoherent. But dig into the details of public opinion, user behavior and police enforcement, and a more lucid picture of American attitudes comes into focus: People have learned to live with pot, up to a fine point.
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South Australia Wants To Ban Marijuana Grow Recipes, Equipment
South Australia Attorney General Michael Atkinson Tuesday introduced legislation to the state parliament that would ban drug-making recipes and the possession of equipment that could be used to produce drugs without a reasonable excuse. The measure is aimed primarily at marijuana growers.
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Four Initiatives Make November Ballot In Idaho Town
A central Idaho marijuana legalization advocate's three-year struggle to get marijuana initiatives on the ballot in the town of Hailey will come to fruition in November. City officials announced last Friday that a package of marijuana initiatives proposed by Ryan Davidson will be on the November 6 ballot.
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Israeli Police Will No Longer Arrest First-Time Drug Users
In an effort to refocus Israeli drug law enforcement, the general inspector of the Israeli Police, Dudi Cohen, has announced that police will no longer arrest first-time drug users.
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Missouri Police Chief Promises Not To Oppose Marijuana Decrim Initiative
Joplin, MO - A pending marijuana decriminalization effort in Joplin, MO revealed the city's police chief to be a pretty decent guy. This is a textbook example of how a professional public servant regards the democratic process
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Feds May Have To Reimburse Marijuana Grower
A Fairbanks man whose multimillion-dollar marijuana growing operation was disbanded in the early 1990s is poised to be reimbursed for hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of property seized by the federal government.
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Cannabidiol May Be Effective In Preventing Mad Cow Disease
According to basic research of scientists of the National Centre for Scientific Research in Valbonne, France, cannabidiol (CBD) may prevent the development of prion diseases, the most known being BSE (bovine spongiforme enzephalopathy), which is often called mad cow disease.
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Medical Marijuana News - Updated Daily!

Could Cannabis Quell Americans Addiction To Pain Meds?
Millions of Americans are living in pain; so many, in fact, that doctors now prescribe enough painkillers in a single year to medicate every person in the nation. But what if there was a safer, cheaper, and potentially more effective alternative available for pain management – one that greatly reduced the user’s risk of dependency, and one that was incapable of causing a lethal overdose? For a handful of Americans there is. That medicine is cannabis.
Could Cannabis Quell Americans Addiction To Pain Meds?

Man Has To Take His Legal Medicine
"Lock me up now because I’m just going to go back to treating people. I will grow the plant and make the hemp oil and I am going to help my patients until the day I die," Ricky Logan Simpson, 57, who is from the Maccan area, told Justice Felix Cacchione moments after the jury’s verdict.
UPDATE: Man Has To Take His Legal Medicine

Conservatives No Easy Target For New York Medical Marijuana Legalization
For leaders of New York's Conservative Party, a group whose membership has been the target of a media blitz this month from organizations promoting a bill that would allow medical marijuana use, a firm stance against a substance that could potentially help the severely ill can be a precarious line to hold. "There are plenty of drugs we use medically that have side effects, medications that are vastly more dangerous than marijuana" said Mirken. "Shouldn't it be doctors that make that risk-benefit assessment?"
Conservatives No Easy Target For New York Medical Marijuana Legalization

Time For City To Grow OP
Under the proposed bylaw, there will be a blanket prohibition on growing weed inside city limits. And when Toronto Police Services, the OPP or the RCMP notify the city that a property owner, wittingly or unwittingly, has a grow op on the premises, the owner will be fined via the assessment rolls.
Time For City To Grow OP

Hearing Planned On Medical Marijuana
Since the state's medical-marijuana law took effect in July, 50 patients with debilitating health conditions have received permission to grow, possess and use this otherwise illegal drug. "They're very, very sick people,'' said Dr. Steve Jenison, the program's medical director at the Health Department, who is pleased the law isn't being used as it has been in some other states.
Hearing Planned On Medical Marijuana

Industrial Hemp News - Updated Daily!

Hemp For Horses: A Holistic Approach For Better Equine (And Canine) Health
Despite misconceptions about hemp, an increasing number of horse owners are finding that the plant's nutritional properties reduce inflammation and increase the overall well being of their animals (all warm-blooded animals can benefit).

Hemp Bill Awaits Schwarzenegger's Signature
A revised bill that would allow some state farmers to grow hemp is en route to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's desk and both sides of the argument are optimistic the governor will agree with their position.

Hemp Lawsuit Update
The maneuvering continues in a federal lawsuit filed by two North Dakota farmers who want the right to grow industrial hemp. The Justice Department last month asked a federal judge to dismiss the case. Now, the farmers are asking U.S. District Judge Dan Hovland in Bismarck to rule they can legally grow industrial hemp under state regulations approved late last year.

China : Hemp Industry Eyes African Market
Chinese hemp products are struggling to enter the EU markets because of the green barrier, the import restrictions on the grounds of environmental and safety issues. However, this September, China is focusing on the African market for exports of hemp products.

Say Yes To Industrial Hemp
Once again the state Legislature has passed a bill, Assembly Bill 684, authorizing California farmers to grow industrial hemp. Last year the governor vetoed a similar bill. This year he should sign it enthusiastically, for several reasons. The least-important reason is that this year's version was modified to take into account law enforcement concerns.

Website News & Updates

420 Moderator Election Sept. 2007
All 420 Magazine members are invited to submit nominations for election to Moderator positions in all of our fourms. We also are looking for Newshawks and Grow Support. These positions are vital to the efficient running of our site. They require energy and commitment, and a strong belief in the ethos of bringing cannabis and hemp awareness to the world. The positions involve trust and dedication. They require you to commit time on a regular and on-going basis. We look forward to seeing members step up for these tasks.
Moderator Elections - September 2007

New Forum Format
The new streamlined and polished 420 Magazine Forum format is up and running, finally. Members will notice a simplified and more user friendly structure. This new structure was arrived at after lengthy discussions with members, and reflects the wishes of those members, and management's.
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