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Outdoor Organic LST Jedi-Deathstar and Hero Kush (Bruce Banner x Stairway to Heaven)


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Welcome to the beginning of a new chapter in my journal of growing marijuana. I have noticed through trials and tribulations that it is possible to have 3-4 main colas on a single topped plant. I now want to control the plant further and train it into having 8 colas. I will be doing a crescent shape along both sides of a 7 gallon pot. The plants will be exactly opposite of each other in the pot. Everything will make sense as time goes on.

What I'm working with

7 gallon pot
Ocean Forest Potting Soil
NFTG Herculean Harvest
NFTG Bloom Khaos
NFTG Pegasus Potion
Blackstrap molasses

Right now the two hopefuls are in solo cups. During the day they are outside and at night they are in the garage under a veg light. As soon as the plants get transplanted they will stay outside forever! They will be transplanted into a 7 gallon pot together. The organic Ocean Forest soil was inoculated with MYKOS and a Tea of molasses and Herculean Harvest. The transplant sites will be sprinkled with MYKOS too when the time comes. So I bet you want to know what this bud is all about, I'll tell you.

Jedi-Deathstar (Indica)

This strain is currently growing in my tent. Check out the grow in my signature for pictures, she is quite a trooper. This truly is supposed to be that BC Seeds Jedi-Deathstar they are seeds from an inbred cutting when that's all the strain was. So lets see if this altitude loving indica loves this Colorado weather.

Hero Kush (Hybrid)

Well when you make 'em you name 'em. This is a Bruce Banner from seed crossed with the Stairway to Heaven male. Bruce Banner is one of the sickest OG kush plants around. We don't know what will happen in this F1 combo but lets face it Strawberry Cough and Stairway to Heaven are going to lend this typical indica heavy OG kush a good dose of sativa, not to mention all the flavor. I'm excited to see where this goes.

I'll post pictures soon! Stay Tuned!

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Re: Outdoor Organic LST Jedi-Deathstar and Hero Kush (Bruce Banner x Stairway to Heav

Very nice intro. I look forward in reading what you got going on.I got some of my girls out side as well. I wish you the best


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Re: Outdoor Organic LST Jedi-Deathstar and Hero Kush (Bruce Banner x Stairway to Heav

Planted Memorial Day


Hero in yellow Jedi in red.
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