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Pax 3 - Anyone with a review?


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Looking to go to vaporizers, portable would be great & thot about the Pax 3 vs volcano type & am considering both. Couple questions on vaporizing, how well does the Pax 3 work and is the Pax app any benefit. I get at times a knarly sore throat that can lead to colds when smoked normally and am trying to get away from that issue. I have read long term use can lead to maryj induced bronchitis and with that I have had bronchitis & pneumonia, once from improperly cured material. After more than 40 years use its time to hopefully give my throat and lungs a break. 2nd question, can one expect a milder experience since the green material is not being toasted & inhaled? I can do edibles, but that 2 hour wait & then the 12 hour effect can be a little much when your doing this daily. I am a mmj card holder as well and the mmj is used to alleviate sever lower back & knee pain from an 20' ladder fall, an industrial accident 11 years ago. I use cbd oil as well, but the crossover between cbd oil & thc has additional benefit for pain relief. Hawaii is tough on lungs, vog (sulfuric dioxide from the volcano emits 500 tons on a normal dat and when bad it goes up into the thousands of tons & that burns the throat, lungs, eyes and nasal cavaties. Vog gets so bad it limits visibility to maybe a mile or less) from the big island, constant dust and pollen since plants bloom here year round all wreck havoc. Instead of experimenting with this, wanted to ask those in the know about this. Any info or advice is appreciated. Mahalo!! That means thank you in Hawaiian.


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I have the Pax 3 and i love it. It's my first vaporiser so i can't compare it to any others but it works very well. The app is handy, many settings to choose from and being able to set the temp in 1 degree increments is great. It heats up super quick, easy to clean. Simple :)


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A friend of mine has the pax 2 and in the last two or so yrs it has never let him down. Im probably going to pick up a 2 for myself, but i would imagine the 3 is just as reliable and likely improved.


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I use a VIE vaporizer which cost $50. Nice portable vaporizer that does flower or wax. Check out the VIE web site.


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I have a pax 3 and it is AMAZING great vapor tons of features fits pax 2 accessories etc. 10 yr warranty as well!! You need to clean often if you use it a lot.


I have used a PAX 2 for 6 months now. It took a little practice to puff at the right strength to get the most out of the dry herb without wasting it. Works great now that I have it down. You can really narrow down the strength of your session so you use less weed. Perfect for medical users. Would like to try a PAX 3. but I heard they are pretty much the same concerning dry herb. PAX 3 does allow for the use of concentrates. Very easy to clean. Quick heatup.


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I had a pax 2 and gave it away. To be honest I wouldn’t be without my storz & bickel mighty portable vape.

I bought my younger brother the crafty which is the smaller version and he loves it. We’ve had to send our units in for warranty repair and the process couldn’t be any easier. Within a couple days we are back vaping again.

I have a backup mighty just in case. The last time I sent mine in I bought the firefly 2 and quite simply did not like it. For some reason it gave the herb a hay like home grown taste. That’s why I bought a backup mighty to have on hand. I wish you luck!


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Not super fond of the Pax 2. Haven't used the third though. Thought the second was okay but after using a proper vaporizer like a Volcano, something like the Pax 2 just seems kind of like a joke. I personally feel like the 'dry herb' portables have a ways to go, whereas the portables for oils are already good. There are some dry herb portables that I think are pretty good though, the Pax 2 not really being one of them. A particular favorite of mine is the new Solo by Arizer. The vapor it makes is noticeably better than anything I got out of the Pax 2 but it's not as convenient given its size. It's small enough that I'll bring it places on occasion but mostly it's just something I use around the house.

For something really portable, I suggest going with an oil pen. Just get a good battery and either some prefilled cartridges or a nice refillable tank/cartridge and some distillate to put in it. If you're not really tripping about the battery life, you can try getting one of the really small vape pen batteries. Probably best to make sure it's 510 thread or you might have compatibility issues with your cartridges (510 seems to be the most popular). Also, if you do go this route, you might want to make sure that you're getting full spectrum distillate, assuming that's what you want, because it's not always full spectrum - just something to keep in mind.

While I haven't used them, I hear really good things about Storz & Bickel portables. That's the peeps that make the Volcano. @JWM2 mentioned the Crafty and Mighty - those are the ones. I haven't heard ANYTHING bad about them as far as their vapor goes but they are a little bit costly and seem kind of big from what I can tell.

I have a backup mighty just in case. The last time I sent mine in I bought the firefly 2 and quite simply did not like it. For some reason it gave the herb a hay like home grown taste. That’s why I bought a backup mighty to have on hand. I wish you luck!
I've thought similar as far as that hay-like homegrown taste goes with some vapes I've used. That's one of the reasons why I have an affinity for the Solos (I've had both, gave the first one away) - they always taste really fucking good. They don't downgrade the taste into some kind of all-vapor-tastes-the-same format. Nah, none of that shit. You actually taste what you put in it. It doesn't just all turn into bland mids. But even still, it's hard to compete with some of the oils that are out now where you got these insanely tasty terps in the right amounts mixed in there. They taste almost too good. That's why I don't even think about breaking up bud to vape that much, I just go for the pen and it's like "damn that tastes good." But if I do gotta vape some nuggets of wisdom, the Solo 2 is nice. Good flavor, especially with those first 2-3 hits.
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