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Plant is dying!

one plant in my dwc is dying, its grown roots into the other 3 plants in the res. Should i rip it out, damaging all the roots? Leave it and risk getting rotted and slimy? Should i harvest early? Im at week 7 of flower.


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Let me start by saying I don't have an answer for you. I grow in soil...
If the problem can not be corrected, then yes, I would harvest early and possibly make an oil with it. They appear to be in the same container, so I'm guessing they are sharing. Depending on what the issue is, it could spread to your other plant in the same container. I would work on finding the issue, unless it becomes a lost cause, then harvest.
Bump for better advice...
thanks man, youre right the roots have grown together, i cant figure out whats going on and i dont want it to spread.i started in dwc because of hieght restrictions due to growing in a cabinet. But since built a bigger grow space and totally switching my medium to and organic soil and fabric pots for the next set of clones.
What's the issues in the water???

Nutes and % of manuf suggested amount
Any enzyme cleaners in water
How close is the HPS light

I'd try and save it before I'd just wack it
water temp about 72°f ,ph 5.8 ,ppm 690 , dyna-gro( bloom. ) cal -mag ,great white. Monster bloom (0-50-30). I added some molasses to my mix last week and they packed on some buds but this week i left out everything but the dyna-gro bloom and mychorizea
checked the trichomes and found not many resin heads and theyre short and amber color on the dying plant, hardley any resin heads on the other plants but the others are milky/clear. Maybe this cultivar finishes early. The leaves are starting to turn yellow.
i dont know exactly what happened but im cutting these tommorrow after a flush.after 10 years ,im really discouraged with my dwc setup and im moving on to a new frontier ,living organic soil.moving on from being a cab grower and lessening my hieght restriction allows me to use taller containers and grow bigger better plants. Wish me luck guys, this ones a wrap!.. ill still give a smoke/damage report for ya'll that might be interested.
so this batch turned out to be a flop. Figured it got nutrient lockout from all the harsh chemicals, mainly monster bloom (0-50-30). I also failed to give it enough nitrogen and they all started to die. I cut them at 49 days, way too early. Harldey any trichs.dried up smelling like lawn grass and hay.only got 2 oz.made hash with it and it was smokable, but very dissapointed this round.

Ive since started an organic soil grow. Check me out on IG & RIU @Kushdaddy1980
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