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Really severe nutrient issue - Please advise


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So it all started about a week ago, I got these little red rust spots on my leaves. It's held steady so far with some very mild yellowing leaves but I decided to change res so that I could refresh its nutrients. All of a sudden an hour later its excacerbated greatly and now is worstening by the minute along with drooping leaf ends. Notice the yellow splotches on the leaves and the spreading rust spots. NO IDEA what this is. Currently feeding in 2g res. 8ml of gh bloom, 5ml of micro, florilicious .5ml, calmag 5ml, no nirtrogen supplement at this time. Please advise ASAP!

PH: 5.9 steady
Temp: 80
PPM: 1000
Res temp: 68
Light: 212 watt 4 inches away cfls.

light cycle: 12/12
Age: 4 weeks


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I think emergency flush saved my ass. As soon as I did it, it stopped spreading and immidiatly saw improvements. Will these ugly colors reverse or am I screwed? New res is 8ml cal mag 5ml bloom 5ml micro

Very minimalistic... I'm so worried that this stress will effect my yield. I handled it quickly but who knows how long my ppm was out of range and how much damage it really did.. This sudden shock can't be good but I will hope for the best and a full recovery what do you guys think?


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If the flush helped and you saw improvements then she should be fine. I've seen a lot worse make it. And if you are worried about yield I would throw her back in veg for a week or two. just my two pennies..
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