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Red Stems a Problem?


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Good morning to all.

I have 3 Green Ribbon plants in a small tent, next to two other strains. Green Ribbon is Dream Queen (Green Cr*ck) by White Rhino cross, making it about a 70% Sativa hybrid. One plant is in Rockwool croutons, the other two in Supersoil. 31 days into 12/12. Fed once with FoxFarm Big Bloom since the photo-period switch. Plenty of ventilation, temp @ 82°F, 55% RH. No CO2 enrichment.

Some of the stems are turning red.



Is this a problem, or is it genetics? The other two strains don't have it, and all plants in the tent are fed and watered pretty much the same. Water and nute solution pH is kept a touch lower for the soilless ladies. (6.5 for soil, 5.8 for RW.)

It's only happening with the Green Ribbons, not the others, and looks the same in both the RW and the soil. Other than the red stems, the plants seem healthy. They're getting to be some thirsty girls lately. They smell nice, but I did notice a distinctly "metallic" component to the bouquet.

I appreciate any feedback. :thanks:

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