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Rolling merrily along-NOT. Weird problem with a rolling machine


I've been using a neat little rolling machine which, until fairly recently, was fabulous. It's basically a small metal box which in which you can also store any loose smoking materials. The inside of the lid, however, has a sort of rubbery flexible plastic flap on it. You open the box and, with the lid fully open and positioned vertically, form a little trough at the bottom and into this you put a joint's worth of smoking material, and the ungummed end of a rolling paper. Optionally you can also insert a filter-like tip at one end of the trough. Then you moisten the other end of the rolling paper and close the lid--and out comes a perfectly formed cigarette from a slot on the outside of the lid.

Well, this was working great until about four days ago. Whenever I try to roll a joint with it, either the paper doesn't stick together right, or I get a circumferential tear in the paper just beyond the end of the "filter". I thought it might be because the paper was too thin, but now I'm not so sure. I'm thinking it might be the machine, but the only way to confim that would be to try every possible different paper I can find.

Has anyone had a problem like this, and been able to find the cause and correct it? I'm too uncoordinated to hand-roll, so I could really use a solution here.


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Re: Rolling merrily along--NOT. Weird problem with a rolling machine

Those old-fashioned cigarette rolling machines that were basically two rollers with a "canvas" band around them in a metal frame had a replaceable canvas in case it ever stretched out. Maybe yours can be rebuilt as well?

Failing that... Zig Zag makes a plastic rolling machine for pre-made cigarette tubes. Those can quickly make ~60 cigarettes in a few minutes with practice that look, feel, and smoke like pre-rolled. They would probably make ok joints if you didn't mind tearing the filters off and ground your herb well. And if you don't mind rolling 2.5g joints, lol. Actually, might help with stealth to leave the filters in place until ready to smoke.

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Re: Rolling merrily along--NOT. Weird problem with a rolling machine

I use one of the basic rollers similar to yours but without the box part. I used to have that trouble but I learned to be gentler with it when rolling. If you take it slow and dont keep rolling it tighter after you lick the paper you shouldn't rip it.

Sometimes if you dont put enough in the roller it can mess with the paper. Maybe use a smaller paper or add some tobacco to the mix to give it more body. The tobacco will also help it burn nice and even.


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Re: Rolling merrily along--NOT. Weird problem with a rolling machine

I don't know how to fix the issue, though if the tear is spiral, that would probably indicate that something is crooked in the rolling machine. Maybe one of the rollers has dislocated at one end.

That said (and I know you probably don't want to hear this, but) I would learn to roll. Get a pouch of Top (or any cheap tobacco) and a pack of Zig-zag orange. Watch some videos and roll the tobacco as practice. Don't smoke them, just break the papers and roll it up again in new skins. You will get better. When you can roll a decent cig, your joints will impress people. It helps if you grow because you can generally afford to roll bigger doobies. The smaller the joint, the harder it is to roll.

I won't go on unless you request it, but I can give you lots of tips if you want. I keep meaning to make my own "how I roll" video. One of these days...

Meanwhile, I'll bet it's the roller.



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i agree with aberration best way is to jus practice so you dont have to rely on your machine

i myself have never used a machine a few of my friends do but ive jus never liked em to much


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Gothmog I am sorry for your dilemna. I know when I get used to a conveinence it sucks when I have to replace it but I would start looking at Sponsors : 420 MAGAZINE head shops, and see if you could contact the Manufacturer if they still exist to replace your machine and obtain parts for the future. It's great you are planning for the future as Cannabis use may seem like a passing fancy to others but users and Patienrts alike know the benefits of Cannabis and will use this valuable herb for a lifetime.

+Rep and :goodluck:


I ended up getting one of those cheap little Zig-Zag ones, a day or two after I opened this thread, and it's been working great.
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