Royal Queen Seeds Pineapple Kush

Thanks for any advice

Hello, and :welcome: to :420: Start with putting the seed in soil, put it under some lights, add some water and nutrients. Repeat the last two for several months and you're done.

Just kidding, I think part of your post didn't get posted.
dont know what happend to the rest of my post lol

they are in there 9th week of flower now and showing no signs of thicholms changing colour or curling in the buds are quite fat and lots of thc. do i harvest now or do i wait for them to curl in and darken

my last grow of same strain they were done in 7.5 weeks of flower

any advice would be appreciated
You'll want to wait until the trichomes are at least milky, if they're still clear you won't get nearly as good bud as if you wait. Once they're milky, they will eventually change to amber. The ratio of milky:amber trichomes are up to your preference. More milky gives a more uplifting high, more amber give more of a "couch lock" high. Less than ideal conditions in your grow room can cause the plants to take longer to finish flowering. I had a warm summer due to A/C issues, and my 8 week flowering plants are probably going to take another month or so.

When you say "wait for them to curl in and darken", it makes me think you're looking at the pistils, not the trichomes. The pistils will most likely have turned orange/brown by the time the trichomes are telling you it's done, but pistil color isn't the best way to tell.
Thanks for the advice man it is helpful I am gong to wait il try get piks later on

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