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Should I stop feeding bud booster now?


Hey guys
Mars hydro epistar 2 400w
In coco and perlite
24 /7 lights
Super critical auto flower grow here since early February so it makes it nearly 3 months from seed ... this is ment to me a super fast high yielding auto ...it vegged out for about 8 weeks or so it did get pretty big (6ft).

1556442567653397872844.jpg15564425904801422109305.jpg1556442638381992802640.jpg anyway it is now week 6 of flower about 30 to 40 percent of the white pistols have turn orange/dark... Is it time to stop giving it the bat guano and just give it the base nutrients for a week before I begin my flush.?
I do need this plant out also as I didn't know it'll take this long and take so much room in My grow room very frustrating any advise would he great


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Cos she's still throwing loads of white pistils mate. Usually takes about 2 weeks from when they all start dying off and turning dark.
Never trust the breeders times for autos iether. They're about as reliable as the average used car salesman. There's a million and 1 things that make them veg longer. The ones I use are generally advertised at around 80 days and I've never had one go less than 100. Usually around the 110 mark. Got 2 on just now. Day 40ish and not a pistil in site yet.
She should fatten up nicely though. Nice healthy plant so reckon you'll be well rewarded :)


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Thanks for that barney ... It's ment to be a fast finishing autoflower
One more thing just for my own research what makes you say its got 3 weeks at least
Your buds are still pretty small and there are a lot of white pistils. Your best bet would be to get a loupe and go by the trichomes. Keep giving nutes because the nugs will fatten up a lot in the last few weeks and you don't want to stop prematurely.
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