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Small Spider Webs on My Buds


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spider webs are a problem...u have spiders, probably spider mites,..thats a problem. Need to get some bug control spray, something that you can spray on food (i.e fruits, veggies) Probably want to get the webs off some way. maybe spraying them with water, i dont think i would want to smoke any webs.

OG Kushsta

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Neem is Horrid if used to late in Flowering.. It sounds like you have a Bad case of Spider Mites if you are seeing webs.. that can ruin your whole Harv.. Just be careful with the Neem!! I ruined some Kush with it.

OG Kushsta

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Spider webs aren't a real problem. Sometimes they can be quite helpful. (Like when aphids and mites decide to chew on your plants) You should be fine to leave them there, and they likely won't get THAT big. If they do, worst case scenario is wiping them off at harvest time.
Aphids are Bad too..

Smokin Moose

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At this stage of your grow, to have webs on your buds, is time to sound The Last Post. Too late for preventive measures to control spider mites.


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If you don't see damage to the plant, egg sacks in the notches of the branch, or little black dots that move then you DO NOT have spider mites. I have had small (baby?) spiders in my grow room before. The ones I encountered never hurt the plants, just left webs on everything.


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If its just spiders its not a problem. But if its like Roor said and its covering all over the bud and stems. Preventive measures are too late like Moose said. You would have to harvst now before the bud rots and molds which it might do anyway during the dry process. Spidermites are the number one killing pests to pot plants and they can devestate a crop if left unchecked.
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