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Soil Grow Durban Poison - Sour Diesel - Original Skunk #1 - Purple Wrexican


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Hi everyone, first time making a journal.
I will put updates of the new grow when my flowering of my current grow is done.
for now only started seeds.I will try to give best information i can of the grow.

For my Soil mix ,I use a little bit of everything, nothing really planned.
i just look at the plants and add Fertilizer to the next watering if needed.
i never adjusted PH in soil. Always had good results so far.

Some potting mix soil
Extra perlite (enough to drain good)
Cattle manure composted
Shrimp compost
Pig manure (the pig manure comes from a Small Farmhouse of a friend )
Guano 0-12-4
Dolomite lime (didnt use so far)

Liquid Fertilizer:

Supermax B1
Big buds
Rhino skin
Bud ignitor
Bud candy

Pot size i will be using
6 inch pot
17 inch pot

Light setup
1000 watts aircooled - Hortilux Super HPS Enhanced Spectrum/Hortilux Daylight Metal Halide,
Switchable Ballast

400 watts aircooled - Hortilux Super HPS Enhanced Spectrum/Hortilux Daylight Metal Halide,
Switchable Ballast

My grow Room is 8x8x8
I try to keep day temp at 25-26c / for night between 23-24c sometime a little more
coolder at night.

my humidity sensor close to ceiling is low-25%
Around my plants is at 25-55%
I use a air conditioned (13500 BTU) with a dehumidifier to control temperature.

i have 3 fans to blow wind in the room,most time are on middle strength.
Got a carbon filter(medium one) and one turbine fan to take outside air for the room.
Always keep room clean is rule#1 .Better safe than sorry.

also a small area 4x5x8 for cloning and mother with one fan blowing in the room, another
bathroom turbine fan to get hot air out in big room.

The seeds for next grow.

3 durban poison (fem)
2 Purple Wrexican (reg)
4 Original Skunk #1 (reg)

Already in small room:

sour diesel (mother,clone ,male)
Wappa (fem) (1 mother,clone)
unknow strain #1 (mother)
unknow strain #2 (mother,male)
unknow strain #3 (mother)

i will do some crossing at same time,i got a third place for the male when i'm in flowering (little closet).


here my seeds i have ,i will use 2 more strain for crossing.Didnt decided which one to
add yet,but I want to do some seeds to preserve these strains for future use.

Regular seeds:

sour diesel (already in room)
Original Skunk #1 (already in room seeds started)
Blue OX
Blue Petrol
Colombian Gold - Bastard Series
Oldtimer's Haze
African Buzz
S. Africa Kwazulu
Purple Bud
Querkle (coming this week it in the mail)
Deep Purple (coming this week it in the mail)

Feminised seeds:

Wappa (already in room )
Durban Poison (already in room seeds started)
Acapulco Gold
Freeze Cheese '89

freebies seeds:

OG Kush (Fem)
Dr Seedsman (Fem)
Jack Herer (Fem)
Purple Wrexican (reg) (already in room seeds started)
white widows (reg)

promos seeds:

NL5Haze x Skunk #1 (reg)
Space Candy (reg)
Goji OG (reg)
Old Time Moonshine (reg)
Loud Sour (reg)

these one i dont know if there reg or fem seeds,got it from a friend.
told me it was:

kush (i dont know which one)
purple indica

also couple of other seeds (sativa dom i think) in a bag that is unknow strain x sour diesel, got arround 300 seeds of those
I think im addicted.

next order if available:

Orange Hill Special : sorry trapr changed the order for (Blue OX & Blue Petrol ) for now
Northern Light (changed the order last time too)
Chem #4 x OTM #1
Chem 91
jean guy



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Seeds are started

Acapulco Gold - Original skunk#1 - Puple Wrexican - Durban Poison

Here couple pic of the flowering of my current grow

Wappa 35 Days

Sour Diesel 35 Days

Unknow strain #1 35 Days

these two ,will be in the next grow with the seeds i started.

long sativa one is the Unknow strain #1 & the small is Sour diesel
you can see the baby of these two starin i mixed in the background


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Sorry for the delay,Here a little update of the seeds i started.

Unfortunately the three seeds of Durban Poison are dead,.my fault wrong mix added to the pots
i will order new ones on my next order for sure.

So until i do, i decided to start some other seeds:

(reg)(2) Deep purple
(reg)(2) Purple wrexican
(reg)(3) Querkle
(reg)(2) Blue Ox
(reg)(4) Original Skunk #1
(fem) 2 Acapulco Gold

Might add to the grow if enough room:
Old time moonshine (2)
Freeze Cheese '89 (2)
i will add more pics later

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