Somewhat experienced grower needs help sexing a plant


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Thanks for looking. I am a few grows in but this is my first outdoor expansion and I've only delt with female seeds so I'm kind of lacking in experience here....
Heres the facts...
Heavy Weight Fast & Vast AUTO
50 started, have 40 now. Had a rot issue in the beginning.

Day 62ish...they're in overtime
started indoors in my veg room, moved outdoors...well the details are here if interested in specifics..
420 Magazine ®

Here's the looks different, smells different etc.

These are a few pics of my regular plants.

So is it a male or did herbie slip a different seed...or maybe its a mutant

Thanks for looking

Lester Freeman

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I can't see any signs of male, or any hermie going on.

What I can see though is that they seem to have went through a slight bit of revegetation, that may be what you are interpreting as being different. Looks all female to me though..


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...And good eye on the blackberries. Those are my babies...There's another length of Kiowas a bit further up but I don't put plants near those...pointy little bastards!

Pull one of the resin glands off and see if there is a seed in there, lil black spec. My are HUGE on the blackberries. Luckily they are filled with nothing but awesomeness! Everythings fine and add 20 days to the time they "claim" they will be done in :)

I love your grow! If I had the balls id do it just like that!
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