Starfighter x FPPOG Clones Using Air Pots


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Strain: Starfighter x Fruity pebbles OG
(Clones come from my failed first time
2’x4’x5’ grow tent
Lights: Veg: agrobrite FLP28 Bloom:TMLAPY F1500COB
Exhaust/intake: x2 Vivosun 4” 203cfm, x1 4”Carbfilter
X1 6” Hurricane 2speed clip on fan
Base nutrient Advance Nutrients Iguana Juice grow&bloom
medium: promix BX/cyco cocopearl
X6 #3 air pots

I currently have 8 clones rooted in promix BX. 2 of first of them were cloned in peat moss starting in their second week, the other 6 clones in rockwool cubes are in their first week since being rooted/transplanted. In 10 days I will only continue to grow with 6 of the best.
I've already started doing some LST training on one of the first clones I cut first in peat moss pellets a few weeks ago. She’s definitely going to be a unique one because of one crazy “crooked leaf” she has and the sideways lean, which made it ideal to LST.

Day 7
nutrient solution 2L ROH2O
Ec :1666
AN iguana juice: 8ml
AN sensizym: 4ml
CalMag xtra: 4ml
AN Ancient earth: 4ml
Growth is progressing nicely. New growth, leaf canopy, solution uptake is increasing daily and moving along nicely. I’m going to be keeping the ppm solution mix like this for week 2 and onward and “crooked leaf” is going to be needing transplant into a bigger 2.8L pot.

Day 10
Transplanted the best 6 clones including “crooked leaf”. I used cyco coco-pearl in 2.8l round pots.
before putting the clones into the pot I sprinkled great white shark powder into the hole and added the remaining the coco around the clone root cluster to the top.
solution mix: 4l ROH2O
Iguana juice :16ml
Ancient earth: 8ml
CalMagxtra: 8ml
Sensisym: 8ml
Cannazym: 10ml
Ec: 1632
I watered each of them approximately about 500ml. In the morning I will see how they look and add the remaining solution.
Everything seemed to be looking pretty good with the way the roots looked and the size of the clones I picked. The remaining clones will be good compost for spring!
Day 14
Plants are looking really healthy. Some roots are starting to appear at the bottom of the pots and they look a healthy white.
Been having some issues lately with the RH in the tent during lights off. The humidity has been as high as 88% when the light/fans turn off on the timer. Having the fans on during lights off the RH gets around 33% and temp go as low as 66*f. I will need to get a thermostat controller before plants go into bloom.
opened up one of the vents in the tent to help with this issue for now and it seems to be helping.
as far as the solution mix I have been giving them the same concentrations as the last and they look happy.
crooked leaf had some defoliation done and she’s looking great to!
Day 17
I got new goodies and it came in just in time. AC infinity cloud line t4 with a thermostat. This will fix the the humidity issues I’ve been having with the lights off and keep the temperature under control when I switch to the tmlapy f1500cob.
Everything else with the plants has been going good; same formula has been going. Watering has been increased 250ml 2x a day and started giving them RO H2O about 500ml last 2 days. It was showing a few leaf tip burns and other leaf tips on the big fan leaves were curling down; 12 hrs after the weren’t as many.





So far so good. A few leaf tips are curling down so I did the RO H2O thing again and scaled back the solution to 686 adding 750ml more to a 4l mix. Also
pinched a couple tops because they were growing taller then the rest.
“Crooked leaf” is chugging along nicely drinking more water, roots are starting to poke out the holes on the bottom of the pots. She’s definitely gonna make some nice pics in flower!
This weekend (2more days) I will transplant them into those air pots and switch the lights. The plants are outgrowing the T4 fixture now.. On the 27th I will switch the bloom phase.!
Couldn’t get around to transplant them between packing and moving and let’s not forget work...
Got around changing the light and checking and keeping a close eye on the roots, they look prime and not root bound. Hopefully tomorrow I have time to transplant them.
They are filing in nicely though and will get them into flower on the 26th.
As far as the tmlapy lights, the plants seem to love it. I have it set to 18” from canopy on veg mode and it seems to fill out the tent pretty nicely. The temperature at the top of canopy for the last 3 days has maintained in the 79*F-81*F with the lights on.
Below canopy the temperature is hovering around 73*F RH40-50% lights on.
when the lights are off it’s between 67-72*F RH 40-55%
Same formula and about 750ml /day .
Looking forward and excited for the blooming to start!

Excuse me for the delay. Been super busy and finally getting done moving.
did the transplant and transfer of my set up 4 days ago and flower was initiated 3 days ago
Day 2 of flower and everything is looking good.
Transplanted them into the #3 air pots with coco-Pearl and the roots were looking amazing and starting to root ring. Sprinkled some great white into the coco hole and filled the rest in. I wrapped the pots in saran-plastic so they don’t dry up and they retain more moisture. Should aid in watering.
I switch to the iguana juice bloom
40ml AN iguana bloom juice
20ml AN ancient earth
20ml AN bud candy
20ml AN sensisym
20ml AN calmag xtra
25ml cannazym
2.5ml Hydroguard
Ph 6.8
Ppm 984
Ec 2150
So far I’ve been giving them about 1L/24hrs half light on/half lights off
Excited to see them on week 2-3. It’s already starting smell great. Will have to get another 4”Carb filter so dust doesn’t get in the tent. One thing about setting up in a new space I’m anal about is dust in the air and it being sanitized.
I will try to keep posting updates every 3 days!
Looking great brother. I can only imagine the nice smell coming from within.
Great job man.
Thanks! I can’t smell but my better half is already starting to complain, so it must be although she hates the nutrient solution smell more. Iguana juice smells like rotten dirty socks with a kick of dampness!
Day 6 of flower
The ladies have been really thirsty last couple days. I’m feeding them each 1l/day (24hrs) and they are starting to show some hairs now. The tent is really filling in now and I think I might have let them veg for to long.
The light has been raised and it seems that 14” away is just about the right height away from the top of canopy. Haven’t seen any burn marks on the leafs so I will keep it that way for now!
I also got another filter because the smell is starting to bother my better half. Should have it mounted this weekend when it arrives.
Looking good in here @420ragz :bravo:

Plants are looking really healthy and those roots are excellent! You’re doing a great job!

One observation, I notice you’re feeding both sensizyme and cannazyme - aren’t there pretty much the same thing? I’d maybe go with one of them. I know they’re only enzymes but if for nothing else it will simplify your feed and save you money.
Looking good in here @420ragz :bravo:

Plants are looking really healthy and those roots are excellent! You’re doing a great job!

One observation, I notice you’re feeding both sensizyme and cannazyme - aren’t there pretty much the same thing? I’d maybe go with one of them. I know they’re only enzymes but if for nothing else it will simplify your feed and save you money.
I thought that to because their both enzymes but the analysis shows that it’s different types of enzymes


DAY 9 bloom

the ladies were showing some signs of nutrient stress. Leaf tips were hooking down and bottom fan leaves were curved down. I ran PH 6 ROH2O for 24 hrs and then fed them a lighter solution with a ppm of 850.
today the plants look like they recovered and had a fast growth spurt.
I decreased the PPM/EC to 941/2000 for this feed and will keep a close eye on them tomorrow.
It is definitely getting crammed in the tent and had to raise the light. I don’t have much more head room to go so I’m definitely going to have to get a bigger tent within the next week or two.
For a 4x2x5’ tent vegging time has to be kept under 3 weeks for clones or don’t let them grow past 12”.
I will be looking to get a 4x4x6.5 tent soon anyone have any recommendations on a good quality tent.(brands)?
DAY 14
Busy busy. Building, trying to get things perfect setting up the new tent all with this lockdown corona BS.. I got her done!
I got a new secret jardin hydroshoot 5x5!
I put the tent in its own sealed off contained and sterile room. Vapour barrier, spray adhesive, tuck tape and duct tape is all it took, with blood sweat and tears!
The head room in the new tent will give enough room to finish the budding.
So far humidity and temperature are in range (50%RH/75*F) but I still need to get some other things like an intake filter for dust/air particles for the room and make the door.
nice bro. Crazy to see the girls from clones from your dwc to flowering plants. Even the set up adjustments through out. This grow is looking like it’s going to be pretty nice for you. Hard work pays off.
Thank you prime
It has been hard work and lots of time. I’m really enjoying this grow and all the lessons and knowledge I’ve gained since.
im feeling like I’ve outdone myself but I always “go big or go home” to get the final satisfaction.
After this run is over I will be trying the DWC one more time, better equipped, and more experienced!
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