Strawberry Sour D & Strawberry Cheesecake Scrog


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Hello once again 420!
Decided on solo attempt #2 and also brought some extra equipment for this round!

1.2x1.2x2m Tent
600w Lumi Digital ballast
600w Dual spec Lumi Lamp
Parabolic Shade
5" Fan & Rhino Carbon Filter
Last pot size will be 20L Smart Pot filled with about 15L possibly depending on size of plants ect


Strawberry Sour Diesel Feminized (SSD) has rapidly become one of our most popular strains. Many people who require medicinal cannabis report noticeable benefits due in part to the high CBD content of our SSD.

Strawberry Sour Diesel Feminized is a fierce fusion between a male Sour Diesel and a unique phenotype of a Strawberry Cough female from Dutch Passion Seeds. - This cross produces a strong taste which is an even marriage between citrus flavours and the-distinctive Sour Diesel. The taste tells you straight away that you're smoking on an-indica. -With our SSD, the results are often incredibly colourful and high-yielding. -Growers love this classic plant with dream characteristics — beautiful buds, high yields and an early finisher. What's not to like?! Great plant and bud structure makes this cannabis plant remarkably easy to manipulate. -This makes Strawberry Sour Diesel very easy to fill a space with. -It is also perfect for a Sea of Green growing method. Strawberry Sour Diesel produces dank buds with a high CBD content. This characteristic makes it a favourite for medicinal cannabis users.

And Strawberry Cheesecake (Freebies, cant find much info on the strain but this)

he lesser known but amazing tasting Strawberry Cheesecake (Strawberry Sour Diesel X Exodus Cheese) is an incredible unique flavor that every connoisseur should have in his or her collection.

Looking forward to starting equipments on its way! Oh btw going to be doing 6 plants with individual scrog nets attatched to the pots for easy maneuverability for watering ect.

Thanks guys I'LL be sure to ask plently of questions soon!

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Okay started germinating them today 3 x Strawberry Sour Dieseland 2 x Strawberry Cheesecake will start uploading updates when something interesting starts... going to dab a bit of Great White on the trap root when it emerges and put them in some Rapid root plugs (might not be the right name but its what I call them lol)

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Re: Strawberry Sour D & Strawberry Cheesecake Scrog

Hello Biz good to see someone following along! Almost forgot to add what nutrients I will be using for veg..

Advance Nutrients Grow Micro Bloom
Voodoo juice
Great white
Dutch Pro Take Root
May use calmag but think ill be okay..

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My friend who bought the seeds on my behalf messaged Devils Harvest about the 3 less mature looking seeds, they received a reply very quickly with the great news they would happily resend the 3 seeds. All in all great customer service and received the items very quickly, based on that alone I would recommend them to everyone, hopefully there strains will be a reflection of the great service they provide.

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Put 3 of the seeds into root riot cubes soaked them in a solution consisting of take root, great white ( a couple shakes to 4 L hope I didnt use to much) and super thrive.. not been anything new yet but did have a few hours in the cold might of slowed them down abit there now in the warmth..

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Strawberry Sour D & Strawberry Cheesecake Scrog

Hello 420! And we have life! Also received the extra seeds That Devils Harvest sent me. They included the 3 as requested along with an extra 3 beans so I am very great full for there customer service!

2 of the SSD beans along with 1 SC in a root riot cube. (Its not kept in that pot was just for display purposes)

The one SC bean that has germinated is being slower and hasnt broke ground yet, they were in less then perfect conditions for the first couple days but have now been moved under my 250w light i used on my last Cookie kush bagseed grow. I have started to germinated a futher 3 SSD seeds and 2 SC along with a few of my cookie kush bag seed for just incase! I may have a futher 2 plants in my grow cab depending on how i feel at the time!

Will show you guys my setup soon as i get round to setting it up..


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Looking good over here...

I'm interested doing a sour diesel strain next with my white widows.

Frothing to see pics as we progress

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Its been so long since ive had that distinctive sour diesel taste, sure ive had some "sour diesel" in the last few months but its been nothing what it was like a few years ago, i wanted something with a really nice fruity sour kind of taste so i opted for the ssd!
Glad to see you dropped by my friend ✌️.

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I haven't had SD for years almost forget the taste . I'm over in AUS (not sure about you)
But around me you get sold shit for top dollar. Hence why I'm doing my own...
I might pick a strain your growing see how they behave themselves!!!!

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Im in the UK i havent had real SD for years! And its the same round here! You should try one out for sure Devils Harvest gave me great customer service im looking forward to the outcome, i know a few of their strains are available in the grey area so i have high expectations!

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I'll give the them look, want to try a different seed bank.
Have you had a go at gorilla seed bank??? How are they is so??

I usually use 420 ( I love growing marijuana) based in Amsterdam, takes a while to get shipped out here. But have massive deals, I'm waiting on 10 white widows, but paid for 5....

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