RM's First Grow, Unknown Seeds

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Hiya guys, so I wasn't going to do a journal mainly due to been embarrassed of probable failure however I figured this would be a good place to look back on and get the help of the wonderful people at 420 if needed.

Here's a little grow Information:

1.2m x 1.2m x 2m Grow Tent

1 x 600w Dual Spectrum Lamp with Reflector 24inch away from the plants currently on 18/24 cycle

1 x 5" Kaizen Fan and Kaizen Carbon Filter

1 x 5" Intake Fan

4 x 8L Root Pouch Pots

4 x 11L Plastic Pots

Gold Label HydroCoco 60/40 Medium

Full Shogun Coco Feed


10 x Bag Seeds (Feeling Lucky)

Day Time Temperature: 26-28c

Night Time Temperature: 19-24c

Water PH: 6.5 (Boiled then left to stand 12hrs)

I germinated my seeds using in a glass of water for 12hrs then transferred them to damp tissue between to 2 closed plates placed on top of my ballast.



Day 7 from been transferred from tissue to small pot.



Sorry for the lack of details am hoping keeping this up to date will let me remember more and keep track of what am doing. Iv managed to forget most of what Iv done over the last week .

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Sorry for the lack of details am hoping keeping this up to date will let me remember more and keep track of what am doing. Iv managed to forget most of what Iv done over the last week
It helps to write things down, an organized chart or even postit note pads make a big difference when it comes to updates. We do consume the product we grow, and memory is a small side effect for us all... :rofl:

Glad you decided to go ahead and start a journal, your probable hicups will not only help you down the road but will help many new growers who may green some insight from your experiences. So thank you... Good luck with the sprouts,

KIG :green_heart:cheers
They are travelling great for babies. Ill take a ride on your grow journey and help were needed. Are you an aussie

my seeds come from 420 seed bank. quality seeds

420 has great genetics, I've enjoyed their ww auto very much. If you're still looking for Aussies then check out this thread and introduce yourself there
Australia Section

KiG Everyone :green_heart:cheers
Welcome and thanks guys am sure at some point I be grateful of your help. Already a few questions but I'd like to get photos first :)

You'll be surprised how often I get asked in forums and online games if am an Aussie :) but no am a English and in Scotland lol

Take Care .️
Just a little up date today nothing much to report :) am taking a quite day as a good day.

Temperature: Was alittle high today at 29c but it was a hot day out side of the tent.

Humidity: 10% lowest but 24% highest. Not 100% sure I restarted my thermometer so this reading could be afew days old. I am still really reading up on humidity and I really don't understand its effects on the grow. Any little tips will be much appreciated :)

Watered all 10 with PH: 6.5 Room temperature pre boiled water. Having to water every night at the moment am thinking due to the 60/40 HydroCoco Medium. Using a empty bone dry pot as a weight comparison to know when to water.

One has sightly deformed leaves.


And one is slightly yellow in the middle.


The rest are what I consider normal but my experience is very limited to a few weeks of reading




Still planning on culling and settling on 4 end plants so not worried. Slightly regretting not buying feminised seeds but looking forward to the challenge of learning how to sex.

Was tempted to add the roots part of my nutrition plan but after reading people's advice decided against this.

Take Care .️

Looking good so far. The goofy leaves and a little yellow in the middle are no cause for concern. Normal by nature's standard.

Let's see what the next set of leaves look like when they arrive.

I think I'm only a week ahead of you with my current grow. This should be fun! You picked a great place to share and learn.

Thank you for your reassurance Obi looking forward to growing along side you. Something tells me this isn't your first rodeo :)

Take Care .️
DAY 9 (Since rise from pot)

And a few questions please :) seams like the more you learn the less unsure of things you become.

Temperature: Max 28.4 Min 26.2 (Day time again hot day out side, expecting to drop over the week)

Humidity: Min 10% Max 10% (First time of tracking humidity properly) any advice on this will be very welcomed.

Water: None watered due too all been damp or 1cm under the surface soil been damp. Is this correct practice for seedlings?



One or two plants seam to be drooping a little is this normal?


Also when so you guys think I should think about re-potting to my final pots?


Any help on the above questions will be very very welcome :) Thank you in advance

RM's First Grow - Unknown Seeds
First off, most humidity devices are not especially accurate. If yours is working properly, your humidity is way low and should definitely be brought up with a humidifier, wet towels, etc. The temperature should be okay. I never really notice a problem with temps unless they get really hot with poor air circulation and high humidity.

As for the droop, first off, let me say I'm not familiar with growing in HydroCoco so I'm only talking in general here. I don't know how much water those pots and that soil mix can hold, but if it feels too moist maybe it's an issue of too much water being retained. That doesn't look likely from the pictures though. On the flip side, maybe it feels slightly moist in the center but with it being such a small pot you need to water again despite this. I like to give my very young seedlings a little more moisture than I would an older vegging plant. Your seedlings don't look so big that they're likely root bound yet, but you can transplant any time there are enough roots to adequately hold the soil together during transplant. I think you have a little more time here but you can gently slide one out of a cup and peek to know for sure. Too much light can also cause drooping, but I don't see any other signs of that. Too many nutrients can cause drooping, but they don't look over fed. In fact, I don't see any mention of you feeding them yet which isn't usually done anyways until about 2 weeks I believe (it's been awhile and I might be wrong here).

I'm sorry I can't give a definitive answer, but hopefully something here will help. Whatever you do, I'd experiment with only one at a time. Maybe start by giving one of the drooping plants some more water. If it recovers soon after, problem solved. Otherwise, experiment on the next with another possible solution. Let us know if you figure it out! Also, don't listen to me at all if someone more knowledgeable comes along. :blalol:
Thank you Fuzznutter for taking time to reply :) it means a lot. Your thoughts echo mine, I suppose things it's all the learning progress. Iv asked in the help room too so I'll post any conclusion here when I get around to updating after work.

And as usual Pigeons thanks for the video am off to the store now .

RM's First Grow - Unknown Seeds
Temperature: Max 28.2 Min 25.7 (Day time)

Humidity: 38% Thanks to Fuzz's comment I moved the probe and thermometer today. Straight away the humidity rose to 38% hoping now I'll be able to start recording this properly.

Water: Watered all the pots little and the 4 new big the same way as always 6.5PH (10% excess wasting away).

Nutrients: None. Next water possible add 25% of the recommended Shogun Root Care amount. None of the A and B stuff.

Actions: Again after Fuzz's advice I slid one of the pots off and found the roots was curled around the bottom about 1cm. So went ahead and replanted 4 random plants in to the larger 8L Root fabric pots. I gathered with 10 plants to play with i could afford to experiment alittle. Recording all in my new calendar ;) (Thanks Pigeons) haha.

Alittle trip to the hydroponics shop tomorrow to pick some standard coco medium to fill 4 11L plastic pots I inherited today to re-home 4 more over the weekend. I think going for the 60/40 medium was alittle too fancy for a first time grower.


Going to be tight for space in there till I pluck the courage to cull some. Sorry for the dark photo.



Below the 3 "sick" amigos (not overly worried just trying to gather information etc. 2 weeks ago I'd never even thought about growing anything more than a sunflower or water cress as a child.


Again anything you guys see that I could improve please please let me know.

Take care, stay safe :)

RM's First Grow - Unknown Seeds
I recently experienced droop just like that. They looked otherwise healthy. I gave them a big drink and they perked up over night. I'm admittedly an overly cautious and conservative grower and I evidently under watered my girls.

I like the way you are experimenting.

Subbed up Riley. Are there any nutes in your coco medium? If not, I would start feeding them a very light nute mix. I start feeding my seedlings from a early as day 2 or 3 above soil.

Good luck with your grow! You seem to be doing quite well for a first grow. :thumb:
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