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Sugar additives

Not real well, it's too refined.

For the microbeasties, the more basic the better. The more refined, the harder it is for them to break down. Simple sugars are best.

That's why the blackstrap works so well. Blackstrap is a process, the third boiling (?) or refining of the cane syrup.



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Ive read the same thing.....Molasses is cheap and much better.
molasses 8.00 for 32oz...thats 32 gals of mix.
2.5 gal of Sweet 145.00
So with that molassas mixture, you are mixing 1oz per gal but what is the feeding schedule for soil and does it clog up hydro systems. I would think that molassas would be most beneficial for the number of micro nutrients it would bring because it is essentially the sludge by product in the production of sugar is it not? and therefore carries a number of vital minerals?
oh yea, I don't get the 145.00 reference, newbs, what ya going to do with us
Even better at the local Feed&Seed store, 5 gallon bucket of molasses-$20.

Cows and horses have a sweet tooth also,