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taking Clones in the flower stage

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I read somewhere that you can take a clone in the flowering stage and revert it back to a Veg state. Anyone ever had success at this or is it worth it?
Also, clones from a clone have weakened genetics? True or False?



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You can take a clone from a flowering plant pretty far in but it takes time for the clone to root and the growth when reverted back to veg is out of control. But to save the genetics I would take them no matter what.

In my opinion clones of clones do not degrade in potency or quality. in fact it usually gets better as time goes on for me and I get to know the ins and outs of the strain that i am growing.
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Thanks for the info. I have 4 God Bud flower cuttings in my Oxy Clone and hope to see roots soon. I will follow up later...
Right on right on! Best of luck rooting. May take a little bit longer to root than vegg clones but when they do, and revert, they will be some Monsters!