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Tank Engine

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Hey guys in the next 2 to 3 weeks I will be initiating my Guerrilla Grow and am currently in the process of getting everything set up. Okay so this is how I'm gonna do it. I've found a isolated creek bed with plenty of exposure to sunlight. I'm going to have 15 plants spread along a 750 metre stretch along the creek bed, in 23 Litre "Rhizo Pots" (basically the same thing as a smart pot). The strain I have selected is Dutch Passion's AutoMazar and I will also be planting the AutoNight Queen Freebie that I received from Seedsman. They will be in a mix of 70% Coco Coir 25% Perlite and 5% Vermiculite and fed General Hydroponics Flora Trio, General Hydroponics CalMag and House and Garden Roots Excelurator. I'm looking at about a mid April harvest which is about Average in Australia. On average it rains about once every 2 weeks here. As for pest deterrents I've got some insect netting to cover the babies for the first 3 or so weeks to give them the best defence possible against bugs and I will be setting up fishing line around the grow to keep other animals away (Or at least try to!) I will also be putting Copper Tape around my plants to keep snails and slugs away! Wish me luck!

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Tank Engine

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So last night, I sent some emails off to Nutrient companies asking some questions and received one back not even 12 hours later from the team at House and Garden and they're gonna send me out some freebies! Here's a list of Nutrients included in the pack I will also include the e-mail address I sent the email to.

- 1 Liter set of base nutrients - your choice
- 250 ml - Bud XL
- 250 ml MultiZen
- 250 ml Top Booster
- 100 ml Amino Treatment
- 100 ml Top Shooter or 1 Sachet of Shooting Powder
- 30 ml Roots Excelurator
- 30 ml Nitrogen Boost
- 30 ml Drip Clean
- 30 ml Algen Extract
- 30 ml Magic Green

If you are interested in scoring a sample pack send an e-mail to samples@house-garden.us

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Dr Fish

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I sometimes grow indoors with coco/perlite, half way through my plants in 5 gal sq. pots will drink two liters, twice a day... with a little runoff with the second watering...... 5 days without water my plants would be dead..... Rain very two weeks or more isn't going to be enough by itself.... If you transplanted into prepared damp ground, near the creek, they'd have a better chance...

Tank Engine

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Adding Vermiculite for superior water retention, water saving crystals for water in between watering, The main reason I'm using Coco is to avoid carting in 8 50L bags of potting mix. With Coco at least I can cart it in in brick form and expand it out there. But I see your point I will go through and re-examine my plan and decide whether or not to make adjustments according thanks for the advice Dr Fish.

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Will be interesting to see how you will do this with coco since it needs to be watered everyday. Coco is really a form of hydroponics.

Are there any other plants growing out there? Maybe you can just dig long narrow hole (like the ones used to put up fences) and put some quality soil in there. That may reduce the amount of soil you need to carry and you do not need to worry about watering.


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Coco don't need to be watered everyday.. It can be. Big difference... All sounds good.. Be surprised how long girls in the ground can go without watering, they pull moisture wherever it is... Looking forward to watching this..

Harry Lyme

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Bet he gave up the idea after he sussed out how much work a grow like this would be. The only way i could see planting along a creek would be if you could get to them by small boat...'
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