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Telephone Call Results In Drug Citation

Jim Finnel

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A Pennsylvania man could be nominated for a "dumberest" award by a radio station for joking about being high and driving to a police station, officials said.

Michael Hegland was cited for possession of a small amount of marijuana as a result of his phone-in to Pittsburgh radio station WXDX-FM, the Pittsburgh (Pa.) Tribune-Review reported.

Hegland, 25, called the host of "The X" program Friday to discuss a traffic stop for a brake light violation.

Hegland told host Bob McLaughlin the citations would be dropped if he corrected the problem within two days. McLaughlin told Hegland to stop by the police station to prove he had complied with the grace period and he jokingly told Hegland to avoid being high when he went there.

As it turns out, the local police were listening to the same radio program. An officer called the station and told Police Chief Joseph Pocsatko about Hegland's comments.

Hegland showed up at the police station a short time later, smelling of marijuana. Pocsatko asked Hegland to accompany him to his vehicle so he could confirm the brake light was repaired.

Pocsatko said the vehicle also smelled of marijuana. He asked Hegland if he was in possession of the drug and Hegland reached in his car and removed a cigarette package containing a small amount of weed and a glass pipe.

Hegland could be nominated for the station's weekly segment, "Dumb, Dumber and Dumberest," which highlights the least intelligent callers of the week.

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New Member
Can't really feel sorry for this guy..hahaha!

Still, no way I'm buying that the guy knowingly went to the police station smelling like weed...come on...talking to a cop or going somewhere high where theres cops around is one thing..but who is gonna walk into a police station with even the chance of smelling like weed?!?

Again though, can't really feel bad for the stoner on this one..regardless of if you are high or smell like weed, you can't think its "ok" to have weed in your car while going to the police station. Duh.

Thanks for the laugh. :tokin:


This is exactly the kind of thing that gets tossed around at prohibition meetings to justify keeping weed illegal.Where do these people come from?I have always had a healthy fear of police.I guess it just depends on how you were brought up.I would no more go to the cop shop holding than miss 420 day here in Vansterdam.You just have to pick your time and place.I hear they busted a guy at a rally for Marc Emery.Now that's just unfair.:peace2:
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