The Emerald City

Greetings and salutations, welcome to my perpetual grow journal! I appreciate you swinging by to stay high!

I've got plants in every mode going right now, so let me just give you a little background. First off all my plants are Sour OG, I picked up some clones a few months ago and just decided to keep the garden rolling with them so I've been cloning to my hearts content! Yes all my plants are clones made from clones. I'll begin with letting you know I'm using the Happy Frog Soil and General Hydroponics nutrients line, starting with Flora Nova Grow and supplementing with all the extra ingredients, kinda makes me feel like a mad scientist. Especially feeding the ladies that are in the different stages, but that's really more in my head than in reality.

My grow space is a 4x2x5 foot tent and a tournament size pool table with an 8 foot T12 fixture. I've also got three LED Lights, 45 watt, 300 & 600. More about that later... I've also got the a carbon scrubber and an inline ducting fan that pulls around 190 cfm. And finally I've got two 6" clip on fans and a GE surge protector timer. I love the timer it allows me to program 1 schedule for the whole week, perfect for this hobby, and it has 4 outlets for the timer appliances like lights and anything else I may want to experiment with.

Starting at the top we have the Tornado of Nutrients who really are what helps to get me and the ladies to The Emerald City.


Now for the midgets, dwarfs, short people, munchkin girls, first up are a few of the clones I've got in the early veg stage, although at their last feeding I did move them up to the 'later growth' feeding schedule.

This is J2 and believe it or not she's the oldest of my clones. Not sure when I pulled her from the humidome, I've done some pruning and shaping so her delayed development is likely my fault.

This is J3 and as I'm sure you're able to assess she is the next oldest clone.

Now this lady here is J4 (my new mother) and renamed Dorothy for all future posts.

My local Hydro guy was looking at some of my pics from my first harvest and asked me if I wanted to trade clones. I told him I'd have to grow him one since I didn't really have any I was willing to part with. This is J8, and I swear to God the first clone I've seen looking this uniform. I've texted him but he's not ready to trade yet.

Now for J6, she is actually in flower and just started showing her hairs, I started the Red Cup Challenge and I think I may be the only one left. Guess I'm gonna win...

Are you wondering what happened to J5? She died, I'm not perfect, moving on... :rip::passitleft:

And then there is J7 lovingly renamed Mercedes by my 9 year old, cause when I first started LST she kinda resembled a Mercedes symbol.


J9, what can I say she's really taken my energy and I know she's gonna be great.She took a really long time to get roots and then getting her out of the dome was like open heart surgery. She is taking her sweet fucking time, I swear to god!!!! Jesus take the fucking wheel!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are you wondering how I came up with the whole J2-9 thing? It didn't have anything to do with Joints. They all have the first initial of there mom/ twin sister, Jane. Here she is at one week into flower. A picture under her skirt, she's all tidied up.

And a picture of her tops, aren't they spectacular!?!?!?!?!?

If you've made it this far I hope you stick around on this crazy adventure in at home horticulture. All advice welcomed and appreciated.
I'm leaving on vacation, 8 days away from my girls, I've fed and flushed in preparation. I think the girls under the T12's will be just fine until I get home, but the girls in tent are going to be left a bit of water in the catch basin. I'm sure the plants will be ok as long as there is no power outages. Just a few update pictures of the girls in flower.

Jane is 10 days in and showing just a few white hairs here and there.


And here is little Miss Solo 18 days into flower and lots of white hairs.





Dude, me!

Looking forward to watching your grow!

All motivated watching everybody having fun!

Some really great grows of some super genetics! Just got done looking at the POM contest! Amazing!

Dude, me!

Looking forward to watching your grow!

All motivated watching everybody having fun!

Some really great grows of some super genetics! Just got done looking at the POM contest! Amazing!


Maybe i should consider my next bonsai for that competition!
I think so, you got my vote. Its a beautiful plant!

When is the next red cup? I want in!


Bout 5-6 weeks, we are just finishing up week 3 of flower. My clone is an 8-9 week girl, not sure about booms lady though.

No hydro on the next Red Cup though...
I just ordered up some regular Blue Berry from Crop King Seeds. I talked to a very nice guy from BC, by way of Belfast, Ireland. Woohoo, im gonna cross pollinate and make seeds!!!! Im so excited!!!
Following The Yellow Brick Road To The Emerald City

Got back yesterday to find that indoor gardens require more attention than outdoor ones.

Something happened with my tent timer and the lights were out when i got home, not sure for how long but but im guessing at least 3 days.

My solo cup looks about 50/50 to me, fingers crossed.

I noticed WPM on another of my plants, Dorothy, i sprayed her and all the plants not in flower with Serenade. I know a grower who recommends it.


Mercedes is looking stellar, shes starting to really fill in!

I had to toss all 5 clones, i forgot to plug in the bubbler before i left, ima dumbass!!

I did however take a new one from J8, the clone i was gonna trade to the hydro shop dude. He never called me back so whatever.

And whats left of J8.

J3 & J2 are looking good too.


Ive still got a garden and everything with roots is still alive. I guess my girls still need me!
Great idea for scarification. I lost two Cindy99's last week. they popped but could break the shell. Wish i knew your technique.

Thanks Agemon


It's not my technique, I got it from Feral, and there are several other sources that refer to it as well. That being said, I don't know how much it really helps or not, I was thinking the 320 grit may not be coarse enough. I think the idea is just to produce some micro scratches to make it easier for the water to penetrate and get the new tap root the fuel it needs to break on through.

Update on Seed Germination:

After two hours I tapped the seed and it sank to the bottom. I checked it again at 3.5 hours and there is an air bubble formed at the seem of the seed. I suppose the water is slowly seeping into the new plant. CKS's video said the leave the seed for 15-18 hours in the glass then transfer to paper towel and keep & damp. I don't care what I get but I'm actually hoping for a male, I'll clone whatever it is and put into flower for sexing, and then keep him as a daddy for future seed production, off my Sour OG clones and female blueberries that I will grow.

I think the best way to do the seeds will be with solo cup grows. Using solo cups I can keep the two mated pairs separate in a little grow box off to the side while I continue to use my primary tent for larger crops and flower production. Solo cups or even 1 gallon containers would give me a manageable amount of buds to clean and remove seeds from and give me decent left overs for joints or infusing oils & butters for edibles.
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