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Thoughts on this stuff?

JJ Bones

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Never used them, visited the website. My only concern is they give no information other then NPK numbers. Kind of weird?


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I LOVE their basic dirt ferts. For hydro I prefer a hydro company. But I had someone who knows suggest them to me as off-the-chain good.


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I use that brand, and have tried their one part "hydro herb" formula, and two part "5-12-26 Hydroponic, and 15-0-0 Calcium Nitrate." I liked the hydro herb formula, but now use, and prefer the two part, because of the flexibility, and control of the amount of added calcium. The brand is used everywhere by pro greenhouses, and now many cannabis growers. The main reasons its gaining popularity I think is it's ease of use, low cost, and great results. I bought a 25 pound bag of each off their website, and it was about $100 delivered total. If you go by the mixing instructions provided it's going to mix up to a little over 7,000 gallons of solution. I mix it at about 1/2 strength tho, because I grow auto strains, and that adds up to over 14,000 gallons. So I'm all set for nutrients for many years to come.

They have a info page on their website with more details than NPK.

I bagged it up in smaller sized baggies to store for the years to come. The dry nutes do take on water, and can become damp with time. The third smaller bag to the right is epsom salt. I've read in many forums adding it in works best for cannabis.


I made a toolbox to store my dry nutes. You need measuring spoons, or a gram scale to use them.


When bought in the bulk price it's even way cheaper than miracle grow, and way better.

EDIT: I just checked the JR Peters website, and noticed the price has gone up!
Now the 50 pounds of nutes would cost me 130 bucks to get delivered instead of just 100.
Still a great deal tho if you plan to grow long term. I'll bet many people spend that yearly.
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