Tovdeez Outdoor Widow Grow


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Hi, this is my 2nd grow, first outdoor grow n im goin with a favorite strain: white widow. my first grow i went with clones, well this time around i wanted to try sumthin different. so i have 5 fem widows from seed.
here they r

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looking good so far, all sprouted. it seems one of the widows, starting leaves came out fused. hmm, goin to leave it n c how it pans out. these r temp pots they r in, i plan ina few days to buy nutrients n sum more soil to transfer them in 15 gallon pots.
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k so heres n update i decided to keep the new sprouts in those pots till flowering, then ill switch to 15 gallon pots: has anyone done this??
green all soil: has bat poo earth worm castings coco fiber, really good stuff for a good price
Mexican bat gauno, root innoculant, n diatomic humus for veg
rhino skin, flora bloom, diatomic humus for flowering
new photos next week
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thanks JASPL, yea there 2 gallons using them till flowering
n i decided to veg indoor then throw them outside to flower
How did this grow turn out?

We would love to be updated with some pictures and info! :blushsmile:

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Thanks and hope all is well in your world!

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