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Trichome color help please


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This is a 10-11 week old THC Bomb auto its my first grow and cant tell if it looks done any help would be much appreciated pictures where taken all over the plant

Thank you



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Hello to 420 :welcome:

It is harvest time some like more amber some don't.
Cut a branch of and let the rest go some longer and test yourself.

More amber often gives more couch look witch I don't like at some strains.


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They need to have started turning amber for that spot to be at peak output. To insure the rest of the plant is ready any one spot should have a fair amount of amber. Otherwise you cannot be certain you have at least reached the top off spot. Beyond that for sure is a matter of choice. But that plant there, at those pics, is still growing in potency. It will work as is. It will work even better 3 days from now.
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