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Using HPS and MH in flower vs just HPS


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Hey everyone.... I have a 3x5 tent, I'm in day 10 of flower, with 6 ladies beginning to show there lovelyness, and I have the luxury of having 2 HID lights running... I have 1 400wMH and 1 600W HPS running for 12 hours right now. I have been trying to replicate the natural color shift of the sun and have thru the entire cycle, both veg and flower. I have my MH fire up right now 1/2 hour earlier than my HPS to give the natural blue tint to the sun's morning light, followed by both fired for 11 hours, then my HPS finished the last half hour of the day to represent the setting sun's red spectrum....

Now, In flowering I know that plants seem to really prefer more red light spectrum over the blue end, however I have read having both is the best. I also have read that using MH, releases UV-B which will help the plants arm themselfs against the UV light, by producing more trichomes, more resin flow and higher THC content. I also have read that growers using both lights through the entire cycle achieve better results that those using just HPS or just MH......so...

Do you recommend that I keep using both lights in my rectangular 3x5 tent for the full flowering as well??? I have read the most vital parts for the usage and effects of the UV-B are the first 4 weeks of flowering, as well as the last 2-3 weeks before harvest. My plan was to use the MH for another 2-3 weeks and then switch it out for the HPS, which will give me even more red spectrum, as well as about 18,000 more lumens. I was going to use the dual HPS setup all thru the remainder of flowering and during the last 2 weeks before harvest, switch back to the MH....

Does this seem like the most productive approach....

My goals...overall I want the cleanest, best tasting, potent, and dense nugs that I can produce, so with that in mind..what is my best bet for my lighting situation...

Here is a photo of my tent...currently..



I would like to hear the thoughts about this as well. I just ran across a great deal on a dual HPS/MH fixture and ballast. Do I run both in veg and flower and stagger the on/off of each depending on veg or flower stage?


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Ur right/ i have 2/ 400 hps/// then got a 400 mh// and my buds are alot beter and so green!!!!
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