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Vapor Box / Vaporizers questions


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Good Morning all..

This is my first post to this site. I have been smoking for some time now and I am finally finically stable to try new toys. With that said I purchased a Vapor Box (Vaporizer). I have not received it yet. I have done some research, however I still have a few questions.

1. What temp should I use when first using the vapor box and when will I know I have reached the correct temp.

2. What do you do with the 420 once you change the bowl? (hope this question makes sense)

3. Does it really taste like popcorn when its time to change the bowl?

Any information will be greatly appreciated.


Happy Kitty

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High and welcome to the 420 community! You'll find the answers about vaporizers here. While you are waiting for replies, here's a little reading for you. You can also type vaporizer in the search button above.
Hands Free Vaporizer

Enjoy your new vape!



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hey bird

1. i set my temp between 322 and 342 depends on the grass
2. i just trash it after its been vaped
3. i found if your vape is to hot it will taste like burnt popcorn

i hope i helped a bit it sure is fun trying it out a new vape i wish you the best


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PS i would make sure you have extra whips and the glass around the heating element and fueses i learned the hard way


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Thanks for the info. This is my first vape so I am excited. I dont know what your talking about when it comes to haveing extra (spare) parts. Can you explain just a bit more what your talking about...

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