Vivosun Bud Trimmer, 16"

Doctor Trevor

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I received the trimmer as a Christmas present. It sat on the shelf until last night...

While the machine worked as well as advertised, I was upset that the instructions were very sparse. I had to fish through the internet... and write to Vivosun for directions. I think I got it right now, but it took a lot of internet research. Seriously, would it have hurt to provide this glorified salad spinner with detail directions?

The machine works as advertised. There were minor problems: sometimes it would jam and I had to open everything up to get it to work again (there were no directions how to fix the problem).

Some research on the worldwide interweb will answer your question. Still, these answers could've been provided by Vivosun. I actually wrote to them for help; the answers they replied with short videos which didn't really help. When should I use the wire blades? For the frick knows??

Anyway... the machine did trim the bud down; I'm happy with this. See my incredible photos!
I pre-trimmed by bud to different levels to see how it works. How it handles the workload. I am happy with this. It removed the excess leaves.

And I look forward to using it again.

I decided that, next time I use it, the plants will be drier. I'm not sure what to do with the buds as they are so wet. I've put them in mason jars and treat them as if I'm curing them.
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