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"We call it Sacred Herb because what a thing is called induces the way that that thing is thought of and that can affect us." and "Words have power." are several quotes from Father Yod, leader of my 70's spiritual community called "The Source."

Father saw in the Cannabis plant, with its five leaf geometric shaped frequency, a kinship to Man of assistance and aid from the intelligence within the plant kingdom. He also said, "All things on Earth are here for us to use correctly and judiciously, with wisdom," and that is what determines whether Man elevates or degrades, in his usage, himself, and the planet.

In 1972, I submitted to my spiritual teacher Father Yod, as in Yoda, and his Brotherhood of the Source, a health restaurant and metaphysical school commune in the Hollywood Hills of LA California. It was there that I was educated in a new way of using and even thinking about what is generally known as Marijuana, Pot or Weed, but to us it was always Sacred Herb.

Father, who passed over in 1975 often recited a quote he attributed to Hermes Trismegustes, who was known to the ancient Grecians as the god of Science and Medicine, and the same being known to the ancient Egyptians as Thoth the scribe of Osiris and Isis. "In partaking of the 'grass' of the Arabs, it did not give me the Light I had that aforetime, but what it did give me was the insight that I could not have gained in ten lifetimes." At 4 a.m. each morning, Sunday's excepted, Father Yod, a former WWII Marine hero, karate champion, master of health, and Kundalini Yoga, turned spiritual leader, would conduct the Brotherhood of the Source, later to become the Source Family, numbering generally around 144, in a prescribed 6 second inhale ceremony of the very best organically grown sacred Herb. Before the ceremony would begin in which we would each be served a totally fresh nugget by the sister or brother who were appointed as the sole custodians of the family stash, we would first have taken our 4am cold shower, have done 30 minutes of aerobic exercises in the nude, drunk re-hydrating fluids and then chanted the Qabalisitic "name/code" of God , YaHoWha, who our family's band Yahowha13 was named after. This served to prepare the partakers cellular systems for the Sacred Herb's benefits. Then morning meditation, Kundalini yoga or making a recording of spontaneous music channeled in our garage studio with Father Yod, which over the past 37 years since have become classic Lps of the 60/70's sub-culture era and now available worldwide on line or at Prophase Music or Drag City.com.

"Moderation in all things including moderation", he would say, so it was wisdom to us to refrain from Sacred Herb usage during daylight hours when the fiery solar energies prevailed. The Sacred Herb aids those of us who find it an ally, in opening the "flower" of fine cranial nerve filaments set in the crown chakra of the head. However, because this chakra needs protection from the solar fire of the Sun there is a need for discretion during direct daylight hours. When someone couples opening this cranial flower with the Sacred Herbs fire and the direct solar rays these nerves can be overloaded resulting in space outs, temporary memory loss,v or burnout. He explained to us that with that one 6 second toke, max, for the whole day, during those predawn hours and turning our attention toward Spirit and self improvement we could accelerate our spiritual expansion, increase our spiritual strength through the discipline of restraint and protect our sensitive "solar head centers" from the potentially damaging solar rays. He further taught, by using a breathing exercise called the Star Exercise in which you stand taking the 5 pointed star position while doing rapid breathing, that the THC still circulating in the blood stream from that early morning toke could be re-activated for a later high effect during the daylight hours without reopening those head centers and adding fire potentially resulting in "burnout". Drinking plenty of water with your Sacred Herb use was also taught as the alchemic balancing of fire and water which also enhances the positive effects.

Being the youth of the 60's culture, the first generation to massively over indulge in everything and anything seeking truth and freedom, we learned to respect and treat other areas of life such as food, sex, relationships etc. with wisdom as well. While many of the Source Brotherhood/Family have returned to pre-Source Family ways and means of conduct the wisdom teachings of judicious use of nature's gift of Sacred Herb will always echo in our consciousness.

All of Nature's bounty should be free. Therefore to help keep our society free of the necessity for governmental laws supposedly "protecting" us from ourselves and to eliminate all laws restricting our use of true sacraments we need to understand the nature of those things we love and at times need to use and use them judiciously. It is because of our own failure to govern ourselves wisely which includes how we use our environment and what we do to our body that empowers government and the oligarchy, rulership by the few for selfish reasons, to run our lives. Living wisely is the only road to social freedom.....Let's get free and stay there.

May All Beings Become Free of Suffering and Enjoy Perfect Health, YaHoWha

By Djin Aquarian


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I also found the article interesting. My path began in the 60 's and went overboard as did many of ours. The campus of the University of California that I was a student at arrainged for Tim Leary to give us a talk. At the time the governor of the state was Ronald Reagan and as such was the head Regent, a post he could never have legitimaly held as he had the intellectual capacity of a tad-pole, and then I'm disparaging tad-poles. So we had to disguise the visit by the man famous for saying: Tune in, turn on, drop out! He came to talk about get this "Birth Controll" a subject I suspect Nancy feared and respected in equal amounts, the poor thing. Remember she was famous for the phrase: just say no. I digress. We thus had a delightful evening at the feet of a man who was imprisoned for his beliefs and foreward thinking who at the end of his talk said: oh yes I was supposed to talk about birth controll? Well you're all young and well versed in the ways of life so what I'd like you all to do is "go out there and practice, practice, practice." He got a standing ovation.
Thank you Djin Aquarian for sharing


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I know that it is definitely sacred to me. Every time I smoke I get nostalgic memories of my childhood... :)


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in the bible it was called hebosin and god said look i have given every green thing that dewellth on the earth that bears seed it should be for food to us all people not just the chosen few here man makes it illegal how does a man say to us that what god has made for us no good and should be ban who is man to judge what god has gave to us to use for our own personal use it also says in the bible all things are beneficaial for us but not all thing are gonna be helpful so you see hes gaves us a choice to try but if not go on:thumb: i for one is a believer in god and to man i do not trust him or the government or and agency that trys to brainwash in believing that what god said was mine is not mine:Namaste::passitleft:
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