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when i know if is ready (dry)


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probally wont turn crispy till sometime after 72 hours

and maybe wont taste as good untill cured in jars for some time..
waiting suuuuucks!!
i dont even get to cut any for another 8 days =(

Jim Finnel

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patience brother. i'm in the same boat as you. also at the end of my first grow. just take a bit to get you through. i've quick dryed a little in a paper bag. but let as much cure as you can. one day we will have a surplus and it won't be a problem. :3:


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patience is the word ya man
i wait antel is reday i whnt it pafkat .
its my 3 grow but the 1 thet succeed
i am happy

Well said, well said lmao :laugh2:

Yah waiting sucks, but another 2 days wont kill you, then it'll be more smokeable.


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when the stem snaps like a dry twig instead of bends, smoke on. if you are just air drying, take out some stash and cure the rest in jars. put the lid on tight, open it once a day and kinda blow in it to exchange the air, and close it up again. do that for about 2 weeks and your shit will be a whole lot smoother. be careful no to let it mold though.
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