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Where do you smoke?


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I love to burn wherever I'm at with friends as long as it's relaxing and not rushed by any means. I'm also a fan of just sitting in my room after a long day and vaporizing before bed.


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this place called red rocks, it has two huge boulder formations that form a natural ampatheatre and the larger of the two rocks on the north side has a staircase carved on the top of the rock. It was made in like 1970 or so(Graffiti dates on rocks) and is known to locals as the stairway to heaven. Its really sketchy getting to it though, its even worse going back down high. There are sections were you have to free-scale like 15 ft cliffs it pretty crazy. but once at the staircase its a simple walk to the top of the rock and there's a cave we call heaven that we blaze up in. Its nice cuz your field of view is like 200 miles east north and south with the mountains behind us to the west and you can see denver perfectly its quite a view.


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My basement... or my room if I'm lucky enough to get it. If I vape its pretty much wherever if no one is home.


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I vape in my office which is the command bridge...pretty much where I launch all day, although my backyard enclosed patio is my fresh air site, it looks out into my lil' piece of heaven flower garden, roses, decorative grasses and a real nice dark green lawn.:smoke2:


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Wherever I can usually.For night sessions, I'll smoke in our dining room or out on the back patio.

If I do a wake and bake, I'll go out on the patio. For daytime, I'm usually running around so usually at a friend's house. It varies sometimes.


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Sometimes I go up on the mountain and sit down in the meadow and have a muffin and banana and look out over the gorgeous vistas thru binoculars. Then I have a joint and hang out a while before starting down. Fun, fun, fun.
At home I sit on nice soft lounge with my laptop and the vape on a little table beside me, tall, cool drink of juice/soda water, kitties curled up beside me and I'm set for the evening. :51:


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There was a time I prided myself in having smoked in a lot of cool places.
I've smoked practically everywhere with my hitter. Typically, I get a few
hits in the evening just before I hop on the treadmill to get a run in while
prepping for my next marathon (10/28).


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i normally smoke at home. in the living room. sometimes right at the computer, btu often when its a nice day or night we smoke just outside the front door on the patio.


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I smoke no where...I vape everywhere.


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I smoke no where...I vape everywhere.

Nicely put, haha. God I need to get one of those someday....

I usually smoke in my basement, kickin it back in my Lazy Boy :3: ... Unless i'm using my water bong, then it's in the normal position haha.

If no one is around I love to smoke outside. A couple times i've even floated around in the pool while taking bong rips, I love being in the nature setting while smoking. If I'm smoking a joint i'll usually take a walk or something....Good shit.

:allgood: BM


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Usually here at the computer, around the corner from work on my breaks, in my car on the way to work, and back from work, up at the estuary not far from here. It's gorgeous up there, brings me back to my youth. :allgood:


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Just wondering, where do most of you guys smoke?

I usually go to the forest behind my house, I love being there high.

anywhere really but usually i go to my bath room or my balcony lookin over manhattan (It's A Real Beautiful Site No Lie) Fire escape my front stoop laying in my bed.....1

Lady Pothead

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Were ever I can! Usually in the backyard, because my best friend has asthma, and I don't want her to suffer.

My favorite place is at home, bar none. I can relax and enjoy myself. At parties, I never turn down a hit, unless it's from someone questionable. I don't do laced crap. Just pure herb, thank you.

The Lady


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Usually in my small backyard sit down and just smoke a bowl or two with my headphones on... but if its late at night ill just smoke in my room:rasta:
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