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White powder edges of leaves


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If you've ever noticed spots on clear glass, or water spots on your car after washing it, you'll notice the same pattern on the leaves. The waterspot leaves behind a ring of dissolved minerals around the perimeter of the water drop, and lighter mineral deposits in the middle of the droplet.

I'm seeing that same pattern on your leaves. Do you foliar feed, or mist them with water?


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Yep. I'm guessing that's the culprit right there.

As long as you have good airflow in the grow area, and don't keep the soil too wet, your chances of powdery mildew are greatly reduced. I personally don't think it's powdery mildew at all.

You can even look closely, and see where the water naturally collected along the veins of the leaf as well. I'm 99.9% sure you're clear.

Wipe it off of 1 leaf. And don't mist water for 1 day. The next day look at the leaf you wiped. It SHOULD have more 'growing' if it's powdery mildew. The other leaves should show larger white areas if it's powdery mildew.

My guess, is you'll see no change in the size of the white spots.
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