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Thread: Yo Dude, what about the bugs

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    Yo Dude, what about the bugs

    Nah, not the ones that may eat ya' up
    But at harvest,
    what do y'all do about sand and bugs, when ya' whack 'em ??

    I've been rinsing them off.
    Only reason it's even come up is because I didn't.

    It was full of critters and dirt.
    But it was full of seed too
    so it got plenty shakin' and I'm still micro-cleaning you could say.

    I think the rinsing may knock off trichs.
    Not sayin' it does But It could.

    Being the passionatedUsers we are, how do we stop this senseless trich loss!

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    Re: Yo Dude, what about the bugs!!??!!

    Try to rinse them about a week before harvest for the first time. This will allow the plant to replace the trichs that might have gotten dislodged. Trichs are not water soluble so they cannot disolve.