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  • dude thats awesome. I checked on mine this morning, and I'm seeing possible hairs on 2-3 of the plants so far. I'm not 100% positive they are female yet, but I'm leaning towards it. I'll give it a few more days and see what happens
    nice dude, i noticed the new growth shoots up super fast when the lights are off. I usually let the top grow another couple of inches and then tie it down again. Gotta keep the bondage going lol
    Hi spike - I am so happy your brother is doing better and no seizures. Thanks for the kind words, I really appreciate them. Stanford will be a big step, and I hope will help me get life back on track. I admire all you do for your brother and it's really good to have you here. You are a great addition and I am glad I could be a small part of your becoming a wonderful contributing member in our 420 community.

    I love that profile pic! Take care, talk to ya soon :5:
    lol, why thank you.

    No, unfortunately I can't grow out of respect for the woman who owns the house I live in. I would love to start some time though, I don't like going through dealers for my weed.
    Hi spike - Thanks for thinking of me. I hope you and your brother are doing well, and your brother is staying seizure free. I'm trying to get mine under control again, they have gotten more frequent. But life is good, and I am still thinking positive. Take care and give my best to your brother.
    Hey man, i didnt realise what growing your own weed entailed.. once you havest you spend so much time smoking the best stuff :ganjamon:
    Thanks for the add. Glad to see things are working out for you. I am glad you like the pics. If you want to see more like them, you will find them in Matanuska Valley gallery. Thanks again.
    I flushed ms. fox just distilled water now may let it go and flush again or harvest.thx as usual your right on peace.spike
    I would still flush. It could be the early signs of a real issue. Your runoff should not be that low. Props for your prompt response.
    Flush, flush, flush. Check the runoff ph each time you flush. It should climb up if you have nute buildup.
    Could also be from a banana. If you let the flowering go on a little long, the genetic failsafe sometimes produces a single (or few) banana's to polinate and continue the life cycle. Could also be from a hermie - 5 feet isn't that far away
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