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  1. S

    Ballast problems

    hi. i had an omega 400w ballst only used on one grow.and a lumni 400w ballast used 3 grows. had my set up down for a few weeks and had them in dry warm storage. put the omega back in set up and was working fine. then went to ad lumni to the set up and was making a noise but light would not...
  2. F

    Novice grower encountering problems during flower

    This plant is about 7 weeks into flowering from an unknown seed but it seems like it has a longer flowering period. I've used ocean forest from the start (no added nutes during veg) once flowering started I've been using old age bloom 5-10-5 and watering about once or twice a week with...
  3. B

    A little advice please

    Hello! These are autos going for their 59th day. I've had some problems with pH from the beginning and then later some more problems that I wasn't able to hassle out. They have lost a lot of leaf mass over the time, but the nugs are looking okay. They should have like 2-3 weeks to go. In the...
  4. A

    Help please! Clone has problems

    Hello everyone. I have an Amnesia clone that was potted 2 weeks ago and it has realy Streched and i can see signs of problems on the leaves. OUTDOOR SOil - light mix with extra cow manure added ---- My guess is too much nutrients because of that. Any help will be much appreciate.
  5. J

    Please help

    Hey, New to the forum just had some questions for you guys, first time grower, love this hobby to bits but just having problems pin pointing my problems please help?
  6. Pistol03

    LED or HPS?

    Hi guys. I'm trying to find out some info on led light like mars?. I currently use a 600hps but sometimes I get heat problems.. do you get the same quality with led and yields etc.. thanks.
  7. Crianza

    Outdoor Autoflower Issues

    Outdoor Autoflower Help.. I have some autoflowers I'm growing outdoors on Day 34 from the time it sprouted from seed. Growing in FFOF/HF potting soil/EWC and HF fruit and flower. I've been giving EarthJuice Grow and Catalyst the last 2 weeks (maybe 3 times). The plant has developed some slight...
  8. CropKingSeeds

    Crop King - We Will Do Better

    We here at Crop King Seeds would like to apologize for the poor service people have received. A far busier than expected start of the year, losing a senior staff member to medical issues, outside pressures, Canada Post problems and our sale to new owners all contributed to this degradation in...
  9. S

    Help I'm a first time grower and I need advice

    Help this is my first grow and I'm already in the 6th week of blooming. Some of my white widow leafs look like death and Idk whats wrong. Rn my ppm is 990 and the lighting is on a 12/12 cycle. I'd like to post a picture so you master growers can help identify the problem but idk how yet
  10. P

    Seedlings dying fast

    Hi! I've been following threads and grow logs with confidence of how to spot problems and overcome them. But it all went wrong somewhere... My grow is simple, Light from sun only Feminised White widow/ bubblegum seeds Germinated in tissue and planted in compost. I started with 70...
  11. Godsgarden747

    New seedling Purple Kush problems?

    I am very worried about my new seedlings I am a noob and need all the help I can get they have been under my viparspectra 1200 w led on veg only. since they came up I had them the first day on 24 hours then I did 18 -6 the second and was planning to leave it that way they have been in a humidity...
  12. Victusa

    Having some problems - Second opinion please?

    Fellow growers! newb here :) This is my second indoors grow so I'm quite new to many disease and problems. I was doing fine until flowering stage, I mean had some problems but figured them out. So before I shoot my questions, let me introduce my babies; Lu, the hope; Skinny Betty...
  13. L

    What is on my leaves?

    What is this on my leaves? These white dots are starting to spread on some of my lower leaves, but not the new growth. Humidity is high so I was thinking pm, but not sure. I have been spraying neem for 2 weeks now. Cant see any bugs either. I will give more specs if needed, but the picture...
  14. G

    Fungus Gnat Problems

    Or will it inhibit water/nute intake?
  15. J

    PH problems

    Ok I build a two room set up I have four clones just planted two days ago in 2 gal buckets in net pots they fill every 4 hrs for 15 mins light is at 18-6 have t-5 eight build hight out put I am trying the kind brand of nutrients with just one additive from that brand, forgive me don't...
  16. A

    Diagnosing plant problem

    Hey guys, new grower here, so bear with my inexperience. I need your help. I have 8 plants in veg state at the moment, and everything was going well. I'm growing in a wick system, using peat moss and GH floragrow and micro as nutrient (both mixed @1 tsp. To gal. As per instructions)...
  17. D

    Back again - Leaf problems - Please advise

    Okay , here we go again . I have 10 little gals . 4 White widow(fem) , 2 auto Blueberry , 2 pineapple , 2 strawberry . My white widows actually had a pretty rough start and I'm not sure but I'm thinking of pulling up a plant and just killing it . I run 1000w HID, heat 80-83 , humidity 65...
  18. Jaymangrows

    Help! First time grower having extreme trouble can't find help!

    Serious drooping, fan leaves turning yellow.
  19. 4

    Help! Babies are sick and I'm really worried

    Hi all, I'm panicking a bit here and don't know what to do so any help would be greatly appreciated! First, some info: Strain: Northern Lights auto Tent: Secret Jardin DP60 (60x90x60cm) Lights: 4x 2ft T5s 96w Light cycle: 12/12 Ventilation: 6" desk fan and I also open the ventilation...
  20. J

    Low Yield

    I just finished harvesting 3 plants. I'm very dissapointed with the yield, got 8 grams from 1 plant and 4 from another. Only got good yield from one plant. My question is , what could be the reason for low yield, light or problems with the plant. I had over watering problems with them when they...
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