300W LED - Small Tent - 3 Strain Grow


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Hello everyone!

First time poster, first time grower here.
I have recently started a 300w LED grow in a small tent.
The tent currently has 2 feminized seeds (Jack Herer and OG #18) and a bagseed that are growing.
I also have one other OG seed germinating just incase the bagseed turns out to be a male.
I am using Fox farm ocean forest soil, fox farm trio and a Ph control kit.
I have only been feeding these seedlings 6.5ph filtered water since their birth because they are feeding off the FF soil still.
They are all currently under 24 hour light cycle (because the tent gets too cold without the light on.)
I am willing to pay for electricity bills for the light rather than a running heater! (at this stage)

Goal: I am really trying to harvest and smoke my grow around the beginning of June before I leave for summer, So giving myself 2 months for flowering i need to switch my girls over to 12/12 at the beginning of march (I think.)
I know its alot of plants for the space i have but knowing the size most short grows do I will be able to utilize space with a scrog, before flowering.

Any advice will be appreciated!


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I'd rather pay for lights, too. Good call, do what you have to do. Good luck


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300W LED - Small Tent - 3 Strain Grow - update #2

Today I decided to add more soil to the pots, I also wanted to switch the unknown bagseed to a crappier pot i had so i can get the almost ready to sprout, second OG plant into its pot.
I know its very early for a seedling to go into its main pot but the cramped location of my tent causes me to not want to constantly bring things in and out so i try to reduce the quantity of visits to the tent.
Here are some pictures of the updated tent.

Bagseed was topped this morning it seems perfectly happy after just checking now, being an experimental plant which is a few weeks ahead of my more prized females I intend to practice LST and topping on this plant before my others.
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Re: 300W LED - Small Tent - 3 Strain Grow - update #2

So after being foolish and topping the bagseed it seemed to have affected one of its new fan leaves to the point where it needed to be snipped off. This has caused some deformities but new growths are showing and it seems perfectly fine... After all it is an experiment.

The Bagseed plant seems to have some slightly yellow dots on one its first set of leaves. Any ideas what it could be?

The first OG 18 plant has done well the past few days. and was joined by its new sister a second plant of the same strain. It will be interesting to see how this shortened veg time will affect the outcome as I am having to move these plants into 12/12 as soon as possible. This is because I need to harvest before the beginning of June and I am scared I am leaving this too late, what do you think?

The Jack fem seed is also doing well

Johnny 5spot8

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Looks good. I'm subbed and rooting for ya. I'd be prepared to rip the bag seed out if it gets too tall and forces your light higher then you want it with your good seeds. Top it, experiment with it and whatever you want. Don't be worried about killing it because that just means more light for your other 3.

If you have any cfl bulbs and spare desktop lamps around the house, maybe add them to the grow tent for now. You could use a little more heat and extra lighting is a very efficient way to get it.


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Thanks, Johnny.

I have 2 6500k 32W CFLs and one 2700k 23W CFL I can throw them in but i only have a 2 jointed light socket so i cant fit all 3. I'm afraid I don't have too much time so i had to flip to 12/12 earlier than I wanted. I dont mind doing a "12/12" from seed style grow to be honest and it will be interesting to see how big they grow during flowering with a week of proper veg.

With it being flowering time should i do a mix of 6500k and 2700k or just 6500k. Thanks for the help.


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Update - Day 6 of 12/12 after a few weeks under 24/0

Hey guys.

Added some soil because it was compacting and causing the leaves to hit the edges of the pot. I also added my scrog, which i believe is too big but it'll be a good temporary support for the plants while their roots set into the new soil.

A few days ago I had some problem with the first leaves on the Jack H and POG #1 plant. They had scaring, tearing and the tips were browning.
It could have been a series of things, but I thought it was that they were too close to the light and I was over watering them.
I let the pots dry out the last few days then fed them a 1/4 strength feed of fox farms big bloom and grow big (3rd week on feeding schedule) I also added a 1/2 dose of cal/mag that i bought recently to the mix.

The ladies are currently under their 6th day of their 12/12 light cycle. I know I put them in very early but i cant take any chances with my future schedule. This test is interesting because I am testing if 24 hours of light from seedling for a few weeks is better than 1212 from seed. This test will be apparent from my two fem purple OG #18 seeds that were germinated at different times.


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A new way to veg for 12/12 from seed growers.

I have been keeping a growth chart of all the plants. I have measurements to show you all how vital light is to a young plant and that 12/12 from seed causes slower growth during the seedling stage.

The first feminized purple OG seed at 10 days old had a height of 5 cm and a leaf span of 14 cm

The second feminized purple OG seed at the same age (10 days) on a 12/12 light schedule had a height of 3.5 cm and a leaf span of 8 cm

It will be interesting to see if the two plants flower at the same time or not. This test will prove that putting the seedlings on a 24/0 or 18/6 schedule will increase growth and still allow harvesting at the same time with hopefully more yield. Good conservation of space will be achieved by LST and topping to the older, stronger purple OG.

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Hope all is well in your world.

Is this grow still alive?

We would love to be updated with some pictures and info.

How about posting a 420 Strain Review?

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I am moving this to Abandoned Journals until we get updates.

Sending you lots of love and positive energy.

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