ACE Panama - Snowhigh Dragon's Fire - Black Maui - Colombian Pipe Dream

Quick Update
3rd day 11/13. Today I saw pistils on the Colombian Pipe Dream, and Black Maui 1 !!! I still have DF2 and BM2 in 2 gal pots. I will transplant both soon. Still need to confirm sex on DF1, DF2, BM2. Both DF have the same Thai kind of look.

Golden Tiger - Still small. It was the last seed planted. Thought I would have mostly males.

Panama - Growing taller slowly. No pistils yet. Looks like its ready for some nutes.

Dragons Fire 2 - Still in 2 gal pot. No sign of male balls yet !!

Dragons Fire 1 - in 5 gal smart pot. No sign of male balls yet !!

Colombian Pipe Dream - Saw pistils today ! I may transplant to 5 gal.



Black Maui 1 - Saw pistils today!

Couple days over 1 week 11/13
1. (Panama) has surpassed all plants in height, even CPD which is a couple weeks older. Its a beautiful plant. Growing straight up. Not a lot of branching. Thick stem. Just starting to show pistils. Still in 3 gal pot. Just gave a little Advance Nutrients Grow nutes today. Humidity in the tent is > 50%, so the plants are drinking slowly. Temps less than 80 F. Looks like it may gain more height. I have to raise the LED light every several days. Will probably add some CFLs for the lower buds.

2. (Black Maui 1) is about the same size and structure as the Panama. Stem is not as thick. Starting to flower nicely. Looks healthy. Also added a little grow nutes. Water every 3 days or so. Still green and happy. Kinda funky already.

3. (Colombian Pipe Dream) seems to not stretch as much as the rest of the plants. Its more branchy. Has more of an INDICA kind of look. Most of the side branches are almost the size of the main cola. I will probably have to defoil and train this one. I also might repot in a 5 gal. Looks like it may need more room for the roots.

4. (Dragons Fire 1 and 2) -both are female. DF1 is in 5 gal smart pot, and seemed to stop stretching. DF2 is in a2 gal pot, and its taller than DF1. Both look like the same phenol. They don't have a very thick stem, and they both have good branching, and many bud sites. starting to flower slowly.

5. (Black Maui 2) - Still need to determine sex. Hopefully this one is a male, so I can do my favorite thing and POLLEN CHUCK !!!!! If its a male, then all the ladies will get a taste, and I will make the following:
- Panama X (BM)
- (BM) X (BM)
- (Dragons fire) X (BM)
- (CPD) X (BM)
- (Golden Tiger X (BM)

6. (Golden Tiger) - Barely 1 foot in height. Looks healthy and green. Growth and branching is slow. Has not begun to stretch yet. Looks like a strong plant, but it looks like it will take a long time to finish...already. However, its a beautiful plant!!

- Overall, so far, so good! A few browning leaves here and there, but all plants are beautiful. I grab the leaves of each plant, and give them a good shake several times a week. Its interesting how they respond. Each row of nodes seem to twist in the opposite direction. Interesting. Not sure if its adding stress, but its my way of connecting with the plants!!! Since they are all SOOOO beautiful !!!!!
A little over 2 weeks flowering

All the ladies are starting to shoot out pistils. No fun until lots of BUDS!!!

1. (CPD) seems to be shooting out the most at this point. It had the longest veg, and already had pistils before the flip. Looks like it may finish before all others. It stopped stretching, and it is about 10 inches shorter than Panama (which is the tallest).
2. (Panama) - Tallest plant at almost 4 feet. Its a big columnar plant. Seems to be on steroids compared to the rest of the plants.
3. (Black Maui 1) - 2nd tallest. Also has a columnar style growth. about 4 inches shorter than Panama. It is also not as bulky as Panama.
4. (BM2) - Its a male. I guess I will chuck some pollen on all the ladies. (Panama)X(BM2), (BM1)X(BM2), (CPD) X (BM2), (GT)X(BM2), (DF)X(BM2).

5. (DF1) - Tallest Dragon Fire. Its still in 2 gal pot. (DF1) is about 3 feet tall. I want to transplant, but not sure if I need to??? Very THAI looking phenol, with the thin delicate looking leaves.
6. (DF2) - Seems to have stunted growth after transplant to 5 gal. It also seems to be slow with shooting out the pistils. This one may take longer to finish than the (DF1).
7. (GT) - Golden Tiger is a BEAST. Its in a 3 gal, and it has an extremely strong stem. This plant almost seems aggressive, when you pull on it. It snaps back in almost a "get off me" kind of way. I'm scared of this plant!!!! All the rest of the plants seem to have flimsy stems compared to the Golden Tiger. This plant seems like it came from the JUNGLE!!!

Looking great, Justa. :high-five: I like the descriptions you've given.

Panama is a beast. The only trouble I had with mine, was that she needed a good bump of Cal/Mg at week 3 or so, that I missed, so she got the deficient at wk 4 or so - running hybrid LED/HPS. AllSmiles has the same issue I believe, similar timing, under LED.

That GT looks interesting too. Good luck with your chuckin'. :Namaste:
Thanks CareStaker,

This is my first time growing these tall sativa plants, and I can't say that I'm happy about how TALL they are. Also the humidity is running about 70%, so I'm trying to bring it down with some moisture grabbers and dehumidifier. I thought at least half would be males, but only [1] was a male. Oh well....:yikes: This will be a challenging grow for me, but the end result is worth the grow-drama!

Take a look at these TALL ladies!
Man, I love em big. :circle-of-love:

This is my first time with these AMAZON LADIES !! MUCH MORE WORK!!! I think I'm a bit too LAZY for BIG plants! In the future, I will definitely TOP and train!! I thought I'd try to just let them grow naturally. I have learned my lesson.

Check out the Colombian Pipe Dream
This is my first time with these AMAZON LADIES !! MUCH MORE WORK!!! I think I'm a bit too LAZY for BIG plants! In the future, I will definitely TOP and train!! I thought I'd try to just let them grow naturally. I have learned my lesson.

Check out the Colombian Pipe Dream

looking good!! :thumb:
little over 3 weeks 11/13
All the ladies are in bloom. The Golden Tiger is just starting to bloom after 3 weeks 11/13. GT looks like it will be a slow one. The Black Maui 2 male is starting to produce pollen. I hit the Black Maui 1, Panama, and Dragon's fire with some of the early pollen. I just took the male out of the tent a few days ago. I was going to leave it in there and just do an open pollination, but.....maybe not. I'll just collect a little and use the cotton swab method.

Still about 10 weeks to go......
Black Maui 2 Male seems to be a male hermie. Not sure what kind of DAD a male hermie would be....but this is a good time to test it out. I think it got stressed when I moved it from under the LED to a CFL?

Male Hermie
4 weeks flowering
Still a long way to go. All the ladies are flowering nicely. Will update with some pics soon. These big plants are more work!!! Harder to move around.

Panama, BM1, DF1, are all about the same height (about 4 feet). CPD and DF2 are both a little under 4 feet. CPD and Panama have the biggest flowers so far. Golden Tiger is a little over 2 feet and seems to be the slowest to flower. DF2 is also slow.

I still have the Black Maui 2 Male Hermie. I will get a little more pollen from it, and hit a few branches on all the ladies before I get rid of it.
Golden TIger
She is looking healthy and green. I took off the upper FAN leaves, because they were BIG and blocking lower buds. I left on the lower big fan leaves. It seems like this one will take a while to finish. Seems to be a short thai phenol.


Wow! Really lookin great Justa. Beautiful pics man :smokin:

Thanks! I'm trying to take more pictures outside the LED lights, to better see the progression of the plants, even though I'm a bit LAZY!!!
Also, these are the boring weeks. White hairy pistil-locks rasta. Not really interesting until to start to see those BUDZ!@#$%&**!!?!!
Its starting to snow up in here! I'm starting to see that little snow drizzle on the leaves. Buds are still pistil-dreadlocks!
I'm almost excited! Tent smells like weed. The Dragon's fire has a very interesting smell. Can't describe it, but its smells like spices and herbs! The Black maui sort of smells like urine. CPD smells fruity dank. Golden Tiger also smells a bit fruity.

Panama: Buds are forming nicely, and starting to trich up!


Golden Tiger: Seems to be catching up with the Panama bud size

Colombian Pipe Dream: Reminds me of the (WOS) CG. It is starting to cake on the snow!

Black Maui: filling out nicely!

Tent view: I'll figure out how to take a better pic of inside the tent: I turned off the LED
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