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Zamaldelica & Friends


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A little over 13 weeks 11/13. I have chopped the DFBM and the little congo. The DFBM was a runt, so we will see how she smokes. The congo did not do as well as I thought it would do 11/13 from seed. It grew to about 18 inches tall. The buds look kewl though.

TorturedSoul: The Zamaldelica is quite easy to grow as long as your soil is good. I used recycled soil, and added worm castings, and bat guano, and she looks good. She is almost 5 feet tall. I did not top her. Easy to grow. She drinks a lot of water. Very little smell. At 13 weeks , she is still full of white pistils. Will get some pics up soon.

- RED1 and RED2 both look like they are 16 week strains.
- CG is still shooting out white pistils. The last time I ran her, I took her WAY too early.
- Tikal needs another 3 weeks or so..

Will get some pics up later......They look SEXY!!!


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Here is a shot of the ladies: We are a little past week 13 11/13. I switched to 10/14 today to see if it speeds them up a bit.

1. Tikal smells like peaches. Interesting smell. She needs about 3 more weeks or more.
2. Zamaldelica also smells a little fruity. She needs maybe 2-3 more weeks.
3. RED1 and RED2 both need at least 3 more weeks. No smell, and I hardly see any trichs.
4. CG will probably done in 1 week, but I think I will push her until I only see about 5% or less white pistils. She is snowing!
5. I chopped the DFBM about 1 week ago. Its a runt, but it smells like orange diesel fuel. I will need to sample it once it gets dry.
6. Little congo has been chopped. I did not do this plant justice. 11/13 from seed just didnt seem to work for the congo. The buds look like all foxtails. I sampled some of it, and it is very mellow.



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14 1/2 weeks flowering. A few days 10/14. I've been sampling the DFBM, and it seems a little mellow. Not hyper at all. Chill weed. I can say the same about the baby congo. They both seem to be more on the mellow end. Evening weed. I also sampled some of the Zamaldelica, and it is definitely very clear kind of buzz. None of my samples were really dry enough, so I will give smoke reports when everything has had at least a couple weeks or so cure to it.

This is the longest grow for me. Over 14 weeks so far! But the ladies are quite sexy!

Colombian Gold. She is almost done. Maybe 1-2 more weeks..

Zamaldelica: She is almost done. Also 1-2 more weeks.

Tikal: Maybe 2-3 more weeks or more.

RED1: 2-3 weeks or so more.

RED2: 2-3 weeks or so more.


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CG has been chopped 1 day short of 15 weeks. Less, than 5% white pistils. Mostly brown pistils, and tricks are mostly white like SNOW!! Smell is the same as the last one I ran. This was my last fem CG seed. CG is definitely worth a grow. Its a beautiful plant and the smell is mild. CANT WAIT to try this baby!! I still have a little from my last CG grow (about 2 years ago), and its still some of my favorite in the vape and in a joint!!

The others (RED1, RED2, Zam, Tikal) all need at least 1-2 more weeks.....almost done...

I must admit that I have sampled the DFBM, Congo and the ZAM. The DFBM seems a bit early to tell , but it is a bit stoney for me. The Congo seems a bit early to tell, but it is also on the stoney end for me. Very calm relaxed kind of high. Not very energetic.....yet.

The Zamaldelica on the other hand. This one is worth the grow. It is definitely a different kind of buzz for me. Sort of spacey and kind of "out of body" kind of experience....I can see how this is not everyday weed. Not sure what it would do to your brain. However, it is definitely an experience. I felt like I was looking down on myself kind of...I;m sure it will be more interesting witha cure. Zam still has 1-2 more weeks to go. She is frosty!!


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Update - 18 weeks

Still going......

The Zamaldelica has been moved to the dark at 18 weeks. She will get chopped today or tomorrow.

The Tikal is still going. She will be chopped in a few days.

RED1 and RED2 are both still pushing out white pistils. They need at least 1 more week.....

Longest grow ever for me...

Will update with some pics soon....

Congo Smoke report
I did not do this plant justice. It did not produce very much going straight into flower from seed. Nice mellow buzz, but I will have to try it again in a few weeks...

DFBM Smoke report
I can smell the tangerine from the Dragon fire, and the PISS from the Black Maui. It has a very clear and mellow kind of high. Sometimes it makes you want to lift weights, and sometimes it makes you want to just listen to music. I'm sure it will be better in a few months.

Colombian Gold Smoke Report
Still needs some time to cure up a bit. It seems to have more flavor than the last CG I ran....probably because its more ripe. Definitely has that old school smell to it...hard to describe the smell. Smells like green vegetables...or sage or something like that...with a little chocolate....Sweet and earthy smelling. It is also clear, energetic, euphoric kind of buzz....dreamy....TIME MACHINE....before you know it, you have been staring at the wall for 30 minutes deep in thought.....I'm sure it will get better with time as well..

Zamaldelica test bud from week ago
This strain is different. Very floaty dreamy trippy kind of hi. Makes you feel above yourself....or outside of yourself....Its much more ripe now, so it will be interesting to see how she changed!


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Looking like a sativa paradise, eh? :thumb:


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Both the Zam and Tikal were pulled after 18 weeks 11/13. Still have the 2 Angola/F13 X Red Thai going. 19 weeks today, and they look like they need another week! I've been lazy about pics, but I will get some up soon.

Zamaldelica is some powerful, electric smoke....without a cure. I can only imagine how it will be when properly cured. I must admit that it definitely seems to EXPAND my MIND. I can also see how it could freak you out if you consume too much...The buds are very sticky! Smell is fruity skunky. Delicious in the vape. THIS IS ONE TO TRY FOR THE SATIVA LOVER!!

Tikal took longer than I thought, but it appears that I have a more haze/guatemala pheno. Peachy fruity, uplifting happy clear energetic bliss weed. Seems like it will be great for Wake -n- Bake.... Buds are still drying. Not a great yield, but the smell is interesting!! Will have to try this one again. Its like vaping peachy cream tart candy!

RED1 and RED2...They are still pushing out white pistils after 19 WEEKS flowering!!! Im too deep now, I have to ride it out to get the best smoke possible from these babies!
Hope all is well in your world.

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