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Hello 420Mag,

I'm finally getting around to testing out some more of the crosses I made with the SnowHigh Pipe Dream (Blue Dream Haze X Acapulco Gold X C99). The first one I tried out was the Jamaican Pipe Dream {JPD)(Jamaican Dream X SnowHigh Pipe Dream). The nugs came out dense, and the smoke was very clear headed, energetic, introspective, with a mellow comedown. I only popped [1] seed, and I got lucky with [1] female JPD. I only have about 4 or 5 nugs left.

This go round, I'm running the WOS Colombian Gold X Snowhigh Pipe Dream. I call it Colombian Pipe Dream (CPD). I planted [3], and one has already popped. Not sure if the other [2] will pop.

I also have popped a Dinafim Sweet Deep Grapefruit X Snowhigh Pipe Dream. I call this one Sweet Deep Pipe (SDP). These are the only seeds that came out looking mostly dark and healthy. I only popped [1].

Here are the other seeds I popped:
1. Ace Panama (1 fem) - been waiting to pop this one. Hard to decide what to grow from Ace.
2. Snowhigh Dragon's Fire (DF)(Lemon Thai X Burmese X Angola Red X Meao Thai X Purple Thai) (2 reg)
3. Snowhigh Black Maui (BM)(Black Maui cutting (circa 76 Maui Wowie x Black Forrest (Vietnam Black x Hawaiian Cherry Bomb(Cherry AK47 x Molokai, Hawaian Sativa and Maui) X Maui Wowie) (1 reg)

So I have only popped [1] fem seed, and the rest are regulars.
1. Ace Panama (fem)
2. (justabluez) Colombian Pipe Dream (2 reg)
3. (justabluez) Sweet Deep Pipe (1 reg)
4. Snowhigh Dragon's Fire (2 reg)
5. Snowhigh Black Maui (1 reg)

My setup:
1. 2X4 tent
2. LED 450W.
3. Roots Organic Soil
4. Worm Castings
5. Advanced Nutrients
6. Cal Mag
So Far, only [1] of the Colombian Pipe Dream popped. Its almost a week old, and its a slow grower. Nothing else has popped out of the dirt yet. I probably should have used the paper towel method, but just call me LAZY. Also, after a couple of days, I will see where I am. I may pop another [fem] seed. Hard to decide what to grow.

If less than half of my seeds pop, then I will possibly drop do one other fem.
1. WOS Colombian Gold - One of my favorites. Nice Old school smoke. Taste a little like tobacco.
2. ACE Orient Express or Golden Tiger
So far, I have the following sprouts:
1. Colombian Pipe Dream - Almost 2 weeks old. Still in Beer cup. Will transplant this week. The other [2] did not pop.
2. Dragon's Fire - Both seeds sprouted.
3. Panama - Sprouted
4. Black Maui - [1] seed sprouted. Dropped another in the dirt today.
5. Sweet Deep Pipe - Did not pop yet.
Welcome PeeJay,

Yesh, this one is going to take a while. It was hard to decide between ACE seeds and SnowHugh for this run!!!! I'm hoping to get at least [2] more females!!! If not, I may drop the ACE Golden Tiger !!!

Today I see Black Maui 2 is sprouting. Also Sweet Deep Pipe is sprouting!! The first Sweet Deep Pipe I planted did not sprout...oh well. It was just a pollen chuck.

1. Black Maui 1 is the biggest seedling. I would not be surprised if it is male. Black Maui 2 is sprouting.
2. Dragon's Fire 1 is bigger than DF2, but both are around the same size.
3. Panama is the same size as the Dragon's Fire.
4. Colombian Pipe Dream has almost 2 weeks on the rest of the seedlings. I transplanted it today in 3 Gal pot.
5. Sweet Deep Pipe 2 is sprouting!!!! The first one did not pop YET!!

Hopefully I can get a couple more females!!
I thought the SDP popped, but it did not. This is where patience is necessary, which I seem to have NONE. So I'm giving up on the Sweet Deep Pipe....Next time. I dropped ACE Golden Tiger Fem today to take its place. So my only fem seeds are:
1. Ace Panama
2. Ace Golden Tiger.

Both of those girls would be good for a Pollen Chuck from some of the Snowhigh gear. All I need is at least [1] female from the Snowhigh gear. One of each (black maui, Dragon's fire) would be perfect...but we will see....I would love for the CPD to be female, but I'm just excited that it actually turned into a plant. The pollen I used was old, and stored at room temperature for almost 1 year. I didn't know it would actually make seeds, so this is why I'm just happy to see a CPD plant that was created from a pollen chuck!!

- The ONLY question I have about Pollen Chucking is .......WHY NOT POLLEN Chuck? - Might as well PERSERVE those genetics!
Golden TIger sprouted ! Black Maui 2 coming along. The rest of the little guys are catching up to each other now, since I repotted them. The Colombian Pipe Dream is looking good. I think I had t he LED light a little too close, so I raised it up to about 2 feet above the plants. I added some worm castings into the soil. I have not fed any additional nutes yet. Next water, I will add some cal/mag.

will post some pictures when they get a bit bigger.
Still in VEG mode. I have the Panama and Golden Tiger Fems going. I'm hoping to get a couple of females from the Snowhigh seeds. If not, I will just Pollen Chuck the Ace Panama and Golden Tiger to make some interesting crosses with the Snowhigh gear!! Ace seeds and Snowhigh seeds ROCK!!!!! There is lots of info on Ace strains, but not a lot on Snowhigh strains, so this is why I decided to squeeze in the Snowhigh seeds.....because I really wanted to go ALL ACE !!!!! Maybe next time !!

Update Pics:
Ace Panama:

Ace Golden Tiger - baby

Snowhigh Dragon's FIre 1

Snowhigh Dragon's FIre 2

Colombian Pipe Dream:



Snowhigh Black Maui 1:

Snowhigh Black Maui 2:
Quick Update
I'm still on 24/0 VEG. Will probably VEG for 1 or 2 more weeks, then go straight to 11/13. So far, so good! Smells like WEED in the tent. I had to turn the filter on!! This grow I will try to use very little nutes, unless the plant screams for it!! Also, I'm thinking about just letting them grow naturally, without any training. I'm sure I may change my mind on that one if they explode during flowering.

ACE PANAMA: Almost 3 weeks old. Added cal/mag to water, and a little splashed on the leaves and burned them a bit.
She also is curling her leaves up. Maybe too much light from the LED? 3 gal pot.

ACE Golden Tiger: 10 days old. 3 gal pot. Needs a little more VEG time.

Snowhigh Dragon's Fire: Almost 3 weeks old. In 2 gal pots. Growing slow. No signs of male balls yet on either.


Colombian Pipe Dream: Little over 1 month old. Looking good. No sign of male balls yet.


Snowhigh Black Maui: Black Maui 1 is almost 3 weeks old. Black Maui 2 is about 11 days old.


Turned on Flowering LEDs and set timer for 11/13
Today I decided to flip the switch to 11/13. I was trying to wait on the Golden Tiger to get a bit bigger, but I'm starting to see a jungle in there. If these ladies explode in growth...not sure what I will do :jawdropper:

Also, I think I will just let them grow without topping.....we will see! I don't have enough room for bushy plants!

Transplanted the Black Maui 1 into 3 gal pot, and DF1 into 5 gal smart pot. Still have to transplant BM2 and DF2.

===>> AND we are OFF !!:cheer:

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