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Agemon: Berry Bomb, Bomb Seeds


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Smoke Report ~ "Man that was smooth..." I kept the b in the deep freeze with some cubes while I mixed up the nutes. I loaded her up and took two rips, snap! woooooooooooooooooooooo... I'm pretty baked right now, this weed smells so good in the jar too. It's got this nice dank scent super strong and stinky. I walked out of the garage and felt fine, got to the computer and bam, HAF! Ok so how do I feel. I feel like I just smoked an Indica Dominant Hybrid. I feel chill as ph#k right now, muscles are all relaxed and my head buzzin buddy. This is definite sleepy time meds. I smoked some the other night and just passed out in the chair watchin the game. I like this smoke for after everybody goes to bed and I'm chillin with my dogs. Buy some seeds or come on over and smoke a bowl!

Strain Review ~ Do you like some dank smelling berry tasting buds? If you do then Berry Bomb from Bomb Seeds is just the strain for you. When I first got these seeds they came with a Cool T-shirt. You should grab one of those too! Anyhow, I was just getting back into growing when I started this one. I dropped a seed in the glass and a few days later I had a brand New Baby Berry Bomb! I kept her in 10 gallons of soil and she grew steady for me. I don't know how long she vegged for, like I said I was just getting back from a break. The veg cycle was pretty steady and I didn't have any issues with her. I used a trio nutes package with Calmag, Terpinator, and Silica. I added a few more bits as she dot deeper into flower and she finished out great. The flower was just as easy as the veg, I did my best to leave her alone. I fed her when she felt light and she gave me just over two ounces. She was in 10 gallons of soil although she was dwarfed by it... The buds dried in couple few days and I jarred them up, burped and they been curing about 1.5 weeks now. 0 issues with this grow, low maintenance, easy to grow. I've got two more in flower right now. One is in a gallon of coco and the other is in 2.5 of the same.



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