Alpine's Winter Sativa Project

things are looking good brother! I love a good sativa grow. Enjoy the super lemon haze, I love smoking her
@OrganicTreees - cheers man, looking forward to watching these beauties grow .. wanted to try sativas for a long time! am especially excited about the SLH.

@jandre2k3 - thanks to you too brother..

i'm not sure what to do about topping/ lst'ing these sativas as i'm concerned about space.. i know they're gonna stretch alot so was thinking topping them would be best, let them recover, then transplant to 11ltr pots and switch to 12/12 after another week or so... what are your thoughts please dudes??

pic taken today:
yeah bro she has a smell and taste unlike anything I've ever had before. I keep the strain around just because it's so good. Clones fast and finishes fairly fast for a sativa, around 10wks flower
Alpine...thanx for the heads up on this in a little late but am cought up now...all is looking great...I had alot of issues with my was very small I crossed it with a male chem vally kush...and added them to my seed bank...the other 2 slh got big and bushy and might as well been an ornamental to no bud...actually dident even waste my time trimming...just through them in the burn pile at end of what is the wierd part is I took 4 clones early from them and they all grew wonderful...go figure...but best of luck with them my friend
make sure you get a digital ballast that runs both HPS and MH so you can throw a MH bulb in there for veg, it will tighten the spacing between nodes, and since you're running sativas, you want to do everything to can to slow their natural stretch.

plants are looking good man. Is that SLH on the bottom right in the last picture?
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