Alpine's Winter Sativa Project


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Hi everyone..
so I've decided to go with some sativa's on this grow just to see if i can grow them really!!
growing 7 plants this time.. my seeds arrived today so decided to crack on and get em going! i have a Greenhouse seeds Sativa mix, which consists of one of each of the following strains.. (for those that don't know already)
Super Silver Haze
Arjan's Strawberry Haze
Arjan's Haze #1
Neville's Haze
Hawaiian Snow

400w HPS, 6' in-line extractor, carbon filter, biobizz neutrients, erm.. think that's it! if you wanna know more just have to ask innit. :high-five:


also i have a pack of Super Lemon Haze from Greenhouse:

i got some badass free seeds with this order so decided to grow the Paradise seeds "Wappa" hahaha.. sounds amazing, we'll see hey!
will be growing in 11 ltr pots using Plagron soil this time, had good results with the BioBizz lightmix on last grow but he had none left in the shop so got 1 bag of Plagron light mix to start 'em off in, then will re-pot into the 11ltr pots using Plagron Batmix. has anyone used the Plagron soil before? any comments welcome! right gotta go.. chilli's cookin'!
Hey Alpine,

Looks like a nice selection of seeds. I'm just trying my first sativa grow. I also got some Wappa seeds as freebies, but I haven't tried to grow them yet.

I'd be interested to see how them come out.

Have you started germinating yet or are you still in the planning stage?
I'm stoked to see how these sativas turn out. It's going to be awesome when you've got some towering plants in your grow space and Super Silver Haze is one of my all time favorite strains. Good luck dude!
miwa, vapornation, and Spec, welcome aboard!! :welcome: :welcome: :welcome: :high-five:

well, they're off! :thumb:
ended up having 100% germination rate!! BOOYAH!! :high-five: so stoked with that!! 1st time i have managed it! normally lose one or two, but not this time..
1st to crack were the Arjan's Haze #1, Arjan's Strawberry Haze, Hawaiian Snow, and Super Lemon Haze:

shortly followed by the Neville's Haze, Super Silver Haze, and the Wappa. have to admit i was a bit impatient and after waiting almost a week for the ol' Wappa bean to crack, started another, the Paradise Seeds Nebula (another freebie :thanks: Attitude!) which promtly cracked at the same time as the Wappa! haha oopsy.. looks like i'm gonna have another interesting grow trying to keep this lot in check! haha
Neville's Haze, Super Silver Haze, and the Nebula:

more to come very soon...
@miwa - yeah dude, those peat pellets are the shizz in my opinion.. tried a few other methods but this seems to be working a treat for me. 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' comes to mind! not exactly sure what i'm gonna do about lst/ topping yet.. my plan is to top the sativa and keep 'em low, and just let the Wappa and Nebula go.. hoping this will keep the canopy fairly even. (fingers crossed) never grown any of these strains before so could go tits up big time! haha

right so i added the new CFLs to the tent to help provide some light to the seedlings:


it's gonna be pretty much full time work keeping this lot in order for the next month or so.. gotta give the little'uns enough light so they keep veggin' nicely, which means getting up every day to move plants, and same in the evening, but i don't mind, quite the opposite in fact! gonna make sure these sativas get the bast start i can give them! put in a nice new sun deck (shelf) by the south window for when they come out if the tent in the morning.. will post some pics up soon...
right so i added the new CFLs to the tent to help provide some light to the seedlings:

I was thinking, "WtF? Those seedlings turned into nicely budded plants overnight!" And then I saw them down there in the corner, lol.

I like the curved-tube CFLs but they'll still provide more useful illumination if you place them in a horizontal orientation with some kind of reflector on them (even one made from a soda can). Sure, the curve allows some light to come from the end - but it is even more helpful in a horizontal placement in that it allows more of the reflected light to have a chance at hitting the plants instead of being reflected back into the bulb. It might just be the picture or my imagination, but it looks like the side of the tent closest to those bulbs is brighter than the pots under them are.

BtW, what wattage are those? I've seen "rosebud" CFLs in 105-watt size but not smaller ones like that.
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