Been along time, im back!


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Since i've left this site i have made some of the most newbie mistakes. I'm back, and I'm stubborn. I couldnt do it without you guys! Every leaf on my best girl was brown.. i reused a CLOROX spray bottle for it... jesus i have to say it feels good to be back already. Love you 420mag! Oh ps i found out i have a sister on facebook, crazy i been a only child since.. always. Shes 10 minutes south! 17 Years i didnt know her, so were gona chill. Ive told her about me on the phone.. whats up 420mag!! :love::adore::adore::adore::love:
Florida your rich In friends now...ha sooo cheesy...anyways welcome back to :420: my man....a DAMN clorox bottle...ha I'm glad your back... Your safe now....and as far as having a new sibling....WOW....I'd be Syked too..hope it goes well for you both forever grow ( if interested) I have some radio-active, biohazard, drums you can use?.....just wondering....haa. :hippy:
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