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Best way to get resin out of piece so you can smoke it?


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To those of you talking about boiling your pipe you have to be extremely careful. If your bowl has any color is can fade it very quickly if over heated, and if it gets too hot it can break.

I'd rather spare my bowl then a little bit of extra poor mans shit.


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Listen someone needs to highlight or do something with this comment because i know smokers like me have trouble getting the resin out of their piece, they thing they need to find a magic tool or some "input high thought", but really all you need to do is get a paper coffee filter and place it over a cup and hold it together with a rubberband. Then go to the faucet that can get the hottest water flowing and fill that bitch up and shake, empty into cup and repeat! You might get a little burnt but with practice comes perfect!


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*Edit Forgot to add only takes 5-10 mins for a mushy gooey clogged up bowl~!


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I dont think i'd ever been that desperate i usually try to have a bud or two hidden around somewhere just for the occasion, but everyone already covered all the resin scraping techniques. Good luck hope you have a juicy ounce or two soon :) :51:


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What if it's an elephant shaped bowl where u hit from the trunk and shotgun is the ass, any tips?

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Put your pipe, metal or glass, stem side down into a Pyrex measuring cup, or other heat proof cup (it has to be small so the pipe stands up). Put it on a cookie sheet (for stability) and put it in the oven on 100deg F. The resin runs down into the Pyrex cup. Cool it, and pop it right out.


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yea so everybody is dry around here and i am in desperate need for some thc in my system....i need to know the best way to get resin out of my bowl so i will have a good amount to smoke...any advice would be great..thanx:bong:
I know I’m insanely late to the party but a piece of advice in case you run out. Put a piece of roach in your chamber (assuming you have a pipe with a chamber.) you’ll forget about it and when you run out and go to clean your pipe you’ll have a roach that’s been soaking in the resin of all the strains you smoke.
I’ve actually done this before and it was about three months later when I got it out and lemme tell you it was intense.


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For who ever reads this thread in the future do not smoke pipe resin it contains some nasty carcinogens only smoke fresh product.:thanks:
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