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Just as title says I got a bunch of bag seeds and threw them in some point soil thinking maybe 3 or 4 would come up and got 30 to come up wish I remembered what kind of soil it was I would get another bag
So I take a trip to the local hydro store to get some rockwool that my brother used 20 years ago in 2 liter bottles and had some success under a 400 watt light which he's been trying to sell me for 15 years and I kept saying no I don't have time well he sold it just about a month before I needed it so picked up a CMH 315
Now I got 5 inch mesh pots

Put into 6 inch clay pot with clay pellets in the bottom for drainage
Now the important stuff cause I'm rambling
5x6x6 homemade room (flat white walls)
Mills nutrients A B start
Rockwool in assorted pots (couldn't decide on a size)
315 CMH light
Kiddie pool for drainage
10 gal. Reservoir
With 120 gal hour pump
20 gal aquarium air pump with 2 air stones in reservoir
Using 2 (so far) hempy buckets one coffee can one 2 liter bottle
Top feeding started with 2 a day I'm at 1 now but they look like they get thirsty to me but I don't know what I'm doing besides it just bag seeds
That's what I got so far the picture was taken 7-7
Clay pots are full of roots gonna have to go bigger
Gonna make a flood table out of a plastic morter box give them some more room
Gonna ad some pics but to be honest I was to lazy to go up and grab my phone when I was down there
You could probably do 9 in a 5x5, with the right light, if you don't veg them too too long.
Peace and good living .
I got some 2 gal today gonna make some hempy buckets out of but not sold on them yet seems to me that they wouldn't get enough oxygen but I got a couple I'm experimenting with I'm just trying different stuff se what I like I'm leaning toward flood and drain now I'm redoing my room had to raise the ceiling to fit the 1000w light I picket up over the weekend these are practice plants here
Well after a major trim job this is what I got it was getting so bad It was hard to water gonna give them a few more days and gonna flip half to make room should have my flower room done this weekend
Bloom room done and running

Got 9 plants in3 9 gal mortar mixing trays with lava rock now I know why they was so cheap there a pain in the ass no only to clean before but set the plants in to
Basically 3 f/d tables watering 3 times a day as of today will be the 4th day of 12/12 so I'm paranoid and not trusting nobody on there gender new growths is wearing me out

But it's fun there bushing out nice I have them tied for lst and pull them half to a inch a day
I cooked 2 of the 3 baby's I had and maybe a few clones but I built a incubator out of a tote (that the maker of can't read a tape measure ie a 22 inch tray does not fit in there 25 3/4 inch tote) with a fan in it to keep in the bloom room because it cooler in there
Well shit it was bound to happen so far 4 fem and this little guy

If I can keep going at that rate guess I'll be happy
Well shit it was bound to happen so far 4 fem and this little guy

If I can keep going at that rate guess I'll be happy
Got a ec meter over the weekend and my mix was down to 330 so I cleaned everything out mixed a fresh batch got 1040 on sunday 920 Monday 8 something yesterday so I went down to say goodnight and had some leaves kinda rolling under and a few tops that looked lazy so I rinsed every body down with water and topped up with half strength in my pea brain I'm thinking that the mix was so diluted that they got a little shock jumping 700 ppm that quick so got lucky and learned what not to do crazy part is that in one week they used all the nutries I only topped 25% with half strength guess it's wait and se now
BTW my meter is a bluelab set at 500 I'm still learning how to use it
It's happening got 3 starting to bloom got 10 female so far and think I got 11 male yanked out still got 1 that's not showing that's been in 12 /12 on the 18th day that still ain't showino think I seen a pair shape on it last night but not sure hope it turns out good looking little plant short little fat girl I'm hoping got 9 clones off a one plant that was my test dummy didn't water them enough so they look like shit think I'm gonna lose one for sure then I got 6 off a nice little girl that I took few days ago that are looking good so far I'm spraying them 2x a day and they are staying perky then the 2 baby crown Royale that I just put in rockwool one is doing good and had a nice root ball the other just refuses to die it layer over and I try ed to tie it up and pulled it out of the dirt when it was less than a week old so I quickly put it back in the dirt a little deeper and it layer over for almost 2 weeks finAly turned up for the light and stood up I should have waited to transplant but I didn't and the root ball was only the size of a dime so it's still a wait and see with it
Been awile but so far so good

Just started the last nutrient ultimate pk this week been very hard not to cut a bud off for a sample but I know it's to early I got one plant that still ain't budding and it's on week 5 it's driving me crazy been preflower for weeks can't find no signs of male on it so I figure it must be a 12 week strain it's nice light green color and bushy so I'm just letting it go se what happens
This is round 2

Only lost 1 clone even though I under watered first round one I lost was a accident doing some trimming and cut it to short and under watered but the 6 on the left I sprayed twice a day and they rooted in 2 weeks filled the starter cups up with roots and never looked as bad as first batch then my 2 crown Royale in the front on the right seem to be doing good
I'm doing some research on how long it takes the trics to turn from milk to amber so I know when to start a flush thinking I need a 5 day flush with 2 dark days with no water then cut hope they swell up a lot between now and then if not I'm gonna try difrence nutrients next run se if that is any difrence in them
Started flushing on 3 plants they had milky trics so I started giving them molasses water 3/4tsp a gal. And 2 days later the trics were 50% clear again and buds was noticeably swelling so I gave them all a cup of full strength water to make sure I didn't starve them by the way they look I'm still a week away started all that Monday and today there probly 75% milky/clear driving me crazy here
Oh update on sleepy the crown Royale seedling that refused to die after laying on her side for 2 weeks stood up and now bigger that her sister gonna put both of them in 3 or 5 gal. Dwc buckets in front of my flood tables probly build a hillbilly rdwc system

This is stubby my little fat girl I put her in a 2 gal. Dwc bucket she's gonna be awile longer just starting to bud hope it's worth the wait

This one got chopped along with 2 small ones and one I call monster because of the huge leaves on it both got the doc bud bud washing treatment and hanging up now 2 little ones are getting quick dried in a tote I built with one fan inside and a little fan pulling air out seems to work
Think I should of waited a little longer seems like when I flush them they back up a little bit don't know if that's normal or not but it's driving me crazy one I know was milky and a stray amber after a week of flushing I put in the dark for 2 1/2 days I check before chopping and had probly 90% milk but the sample I took the week before was not bad at all a lot better than what I got the seeds out of
I think you'll be fine. The dark at the end will give a final resin push, and it may seem stagnant, but worth it imo. Trichs will continue to develop for a couple days after chop. Throw on some Jerry Band and get yer scissors ready!!

He'll yea I'll tell ya what the samples that I've taken have bee a lot better than what the seeds came from and it still smelled like hay so cant wait for it to cure and smooth out
Was listening to old and in the way Sunday when I was chopping, haha

Pulled a few nugs out of a jar for a little patience waiting on the rest to finish
Had a spider issue think I got it taken care of with spaying some soapy water on them raising the humidity up for 4 days and yes I used to much soap had to change reservoir on both tent and bloom room plants look like shit cause the soap but don't think I killed them yet was dam close
Got the rest of the first batch flushing now about a week away from a chop
Little update I now know how to drown clones I think dam spiders helped me out a lot so no sure if it was me or them but I lost 12 out of 18 I have 6 healthy and 5 that are gonna die they have roots but nothing else just a piece of stem sticking up...
Now the good news I have 15 ounces so far and it's not killer but nice buzz smooth taste on the first that got the chop took them a little early so I learned to wait it out for size and strength
Stubby had to get lollipop ed but is back to health again
The 2 crown Royale an now in 3 gal dwc buckets and doing good look a little skinny because all the clones I cut off them
Have 4 to chop up today they been in the dark for a week now but kept watering them it's a experiment there all small best one might get a ounce off of and the other 3 afe very skinny less than half on them these are ones that I almost just yanked up a threw away because they was so small there getting washed just like the rest of my stuff I use doc buds recipe and works good
Think that's all I got for now happy growing
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