Bloody Skunk Auto: Sweet Seeds Strain Review

Sir Budlovski

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Hi all,
Budlovski here with a strain and smoke review for my recently dried Bloody skunk Auto by sweet seeds.

Strain Name - Bloody Skunk

From - Sweet seeds

When - harvested 27/3/15

Price - not sure, bought a 3 pack of seeds online.

Type - Ruderalis indica/sativa, started off with slower indica growth after a couple of nodes took off and stretched with sativa/ruderalis growth.

Appearance - Bloody Skunk produced quite dense nuggets all around especially in the top main cola, the buds were a medium purple coloured with green fan leaves and half purple and green bud leaves. The dried bud went very dark purple almost black making the orange hairs seem neon and bright, had beautiful trichome colouring around leaf edges and deep inside.

Smell - She had many mixed smells this girl, during growth she went through nearly every smell you could think of, once harvested her buds smell softened a little, however still pungent, very skinny and seemed to have strong hints of coofee aswell as a sweeter fruity undertone, overall its a very smooth beautiful smell.

Taste - had a great taste yet not extremely powerful, when inhaling its very smooth almost a creamy coffee taste inhaling then exhaling you got abit more of the slinky weed flavours hanging around on the tongue. Its an extremely smooth smoke in fact probably the smoothest I've had but it gives you that tiny tickle in the throat to let you know you smoked it :)

Type of Buzz - I believe it was a very pleasant high, and that means something coming from me since I stopped smoking due to anxiety problems, so now I only taste test what I grow and a lower tolerance really helps to know the high in a way. Anyways it was very relaxing, had a joint after watching the blood moon eclipse and I was sitting outside fully relaxed I was relatively stress free, the anxiety I usually get smoking very minor. Its just a very nice mix of A body stone and a cerebral high however definately more on the relaxation side.

Length of Buzz - 1-1 1/2 hours then I drifted off to sleep peacefully too.

Best Medicinal Use - From what I could tell and feel, Bloody Skunk would be well suited for people with problems like insomnia, stress, comfort, appetite and is say pain since it gave the body a weightless seperate feeling.

Overall - Too sum up this strain I've got to say for nice colourful good quality Autoflowers this ones on my Auto list whenever I grow them. Took 10 weeks from seed to harvest so depending on the high you want you could intact harvest anywhere between 8 or 9 weeks to 11 or 12 weeks. An absolute delight to grow just make sure you keep the nutes on a low level to begin with. Doesn't take up much space reached just over 47cm high with one main cola and a very little low side branches. I've read there can be a bit of A pheno varient so if choosing this strain you'd probably be safer to get a 3 pack or something just too make sure you can get a beautiful purple one.
I have another 2 bloody skunk seeds and 1 of the mother red poison so I can't wait for the day I can use a longer light schedule again and grow them out.
I havnt mention but this strain goes purple regardless of temperature, unlike a lot that need to be grown in a cooler temperature.
Anyways I'm loving this strain so far and think I might even be able to have a toke more often with a nice relaxing strain like this, I do reccomend it to anyone especially those who want something colourful :)

Now here's some pictures for you all to look at :)






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Anyways thanks guys.

Nagini this strain is a real gooden if you want purple buds but also everything else with it, even for an auto. Outta of the 3 seeds all went purple and grew very similar except one went male somehow. Not sure on what happened to that one, regardless its a great strain I like it friends love smoking it and its genetics seem a lot more stable then that of the mother red poisons, reccomended :thumb:

Thanks Spart, I tried to be pretty thorough cause I have to give it to this member of the red family, I love it :)
Haha I'm sure you'll have a lot of experience with red family strains the way your going aswell :thumb:
My favorite color is purple......It looks so fantastic!!
Did you grow it yourself?

Yeah mate I sure did, I grew 2 from 3 seeds I had the other went male. If you love your purple and wanna try some autos I like this strain and will get it again, the second I grew wasn't real potent cause I screwed up but it grew grew to be almost black, awesome strain to grow cause its fun to watch it change :)
Also wondering how your yield was. This was my seed freebie, and after all was said and done, I think it's going to be one of the first I grow.
yes I have they are very discrete shipping and there customer service is like everywhere else. Had 100% germination ended up with about a zip a plant in 7l pots under a 300w cfl

just my two cents. grown under two mars hydro reflector 48 led's, two months and two weeks old. buds are starting to really size up. plant is 1,5 tall. hard imagine this will yield less then 100gr. very satisfied with this grow so far. and a beauty to look at if it matters :D






Hey guys im just starting to get myself back together for this site.
That mr snowman is a beautiful bloody skunk :)
when its normal for bloody skunk to show sex sign mine is 22 days old and havent seen any pistils yet yes theres some caliyx but no seed sacks or pistils ...

Hello I'm new here...

beautiful grow.. I am a first time grower.. just waiting for seeds to arrive before I start.

It's a pity Sweet Seeds do not ship to my country, South Africa, because the cheapest seeds (4 Fem seeds, buy 3 get 1 free) excl shipping is 16 Euro.

But thanks for the journal.. inspiring
I've grown bloody skunk. She swells up real nice I think I got about an ounce an a half off each plant... She a strong plant an has great colors during flower. Sweet seeds is definitely my go to seed bank.. And if you can't order derectly oregon elite seeds carries there products as well an there usa based! Happy grows my friends...
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