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Blue Dream grow and feeding tips


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has anyone grown blue dream before? I need to know how to train them to keep it contained in a four by eight foot space.
how many branches 30 plants in that space should each plant have?
and how many nutrients should I be giving it to anyone have any experience with how Blue Dream reacts to nutrients?
I posted a grow journal with more information at the link below any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Not very many branches with that many plants in such a small area.

As for nutrients. It would depend on what brand you are using and the health/stage of growth your plants are in.
That many plants almost seems like too much unless your using a flood table. If you are it would be advisable to go 12/12 strait from clone.

If you plan to veg for any amount of time it might be a good idea to grow 8 or less plants. This is just my opinion ...


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Why 30? Just curious. But yeah they will probably have to hit 12/12 right after the clones have rooted or you will run out of space. I'd just start with the usual 1/4th strength of recommended nute dosage, each nute brand has a feeding schedule online from what I know.


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Thanks for responding.
I got 30 plants because I have them for one and I want to flip it after 1 week of veg.
Good advice on starting nutes at 1/4 strength.
Giving them just water @ 6.5pH for now.
Will start feeding just before they look like they need it.
Thanks for your input.
Keep an eye on my journal and if you see anyone on the forum with Blue Dream knowledge please shoot me a link.
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