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i have 8 crop king blueberry plants growing in 5 gallon buckets filled with sunshine #4 mix. the plants are on month 3 of veg. i have been using the dutch nutrient two part formula they are growing under a 1000 watt mh and i am running a 4 inch can fan and carbon filter . have also been having trouble with the lower leaves yellowing and falling off . at first i thought it was a lack of nutes so i started hitting them harder with a full 5 ml of each part of the two part dutch nutrient formula to ever litter of ph,ed water. it didnt seem to help.so then i flushed them out and transplanted them to the 5 gallon buckets from pots that where about half the size thinking they where root bound . still the lower leaves are yellowing . it is also happening worse on the bigger plants . the temps are around 80 to 85 at the canopy . i am now back to giving them a half strength feeding after two plane watterings .....the nutes are part a 2-0-2 part b 0-1-3


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I was hoping to figure out the yellowing leaves befor I start the flowering cycle I'm kinda running out of room and time ..I'm thinking its nitrogen deficiency so I gues I will up the nutes again and see if it helps..... any tips or thoughts would be great .?!


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Hey brother! They are looking great!
Iv got 2 little blueberries going that just started and seeing your girls is getting me excited for what's to come!!
Did you notice any nutrient sensitivity when the plant was younger or did the yellowing start well into the veg?
Subbed up! Keep up the good work!
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