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Brainstorm Haze Seed Run


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umm could you plz add a few pics...LOL!! j/k of course,everyone luvs pics and you supply
awesome work!!
you have done a great job all around
take care and good luck


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Final numbers are in.

100 Seeds weigh 1.7 Grams

Brainstorm Haze#1 seeds weighed 63.7g+1.7g =65.4g/1.7gx100seeds= 3847 seeds, approximately.
I am estimating that 40% of the seeds will not be viable based on color and size.

Brainstorm Haze#3 seeds in total weighed 75.4/1.7gx100=4435 seeds, approximately
I am estimating that 20% of the seeds will not be viable based on color and size.






Richard Richardson

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Thanks for sharing your grow with us, labexperiment.

Please head over to the 420 Strain Reviews forum and post your smoke report there too.

I'm moving this to Completed Journals now.

Hope all is well in your world.

Love and respect from all of us here at 420 Magazine.



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Thanks for sharing this. Very interesting stuff. You're basically a seed bank. I'd like to place an order of three seeds thx. And I'll take that first seed as a freebie, yes? ;)

Do you have any idea how the seed producers go about making seeds? For example, the freebie mixed seeds you get on each order, are they just seeds laying around on the floor, like the one you found and couldn't trace back to a mother? Is there a video or an article one can read on the subject that you know of?

I have 20 unknown regular seeds from nirvana. Can I expect them to be of a nirvana strain? If that is the case then I should be able to figure out what strain it really is, since nirvana only carry around 20-30 strains.



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I have no idea where they get their freebies from, but have often wondered if it is off the floor. One of the reasons I have not bought from them, I could not stand not knowing what strain I am growing. And they do not tell you up front which strain of seeds they will be sending you. In my opinion it is a poor business practice to give unknown strains to customers.

420 does not allow the exchange of seeds or genetics through their website for legal reasons, and I will not violate their policies. I wish I could sell you some seeds. I was hoping to move in that direction.
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