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Bud not drying


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So i started drying them by trimming them down and cutting each branch from the main cola. I let them dry for about 2 weeks and cut them all down to individual buds and tossed them all in a paper bag. Theres only one plant in the bag so it hardly covers the bottom and i have a fan blowing over the top of the bag. But i still feel like my buds aren't as dry as they should be going into jars. The stems still bend and they still feel really wet but i feel like they aren't even drying which sounds ridiculous i know. So they've been in the paper bag with an open top for about a week now and i still haven't noticed much change. So should i let them keep drying in the bag for a bit or move them to a jar and see what happens. I also plan to be leaving town for a week, I'll have someone checking every couple days but which would be smarter to leave them in while i'm gone too. Any other changes i should make, let me know ;)

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I am sorry no one got to your question BlueberyBlaze.

It sounds like you could use some more heat on the finished product. If I read correctly, you had them curing for 3 weeks and they still aren't dry?... that's way too long.

I usually shoot for a 7 to 9 day hang using heat (around 70-75 f) and air movement. Then they go into glass. I check them several times a day to see what progress is being made... in your case, I would be very concerned about mold... scares the shite out of me mold does... LOL

Here is a link that may help w/your future endeavors:
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Guessing a dehumidifier?

Weather's been wicked in many locations lately.

Keep an eye out for mold.


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Record Dew Point numbers all over U.S. High DP = High Humidity! Definitely one of the most inopportune moments to be air drying bud if you live in one of these areas.


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Yeah i came home yesterday to find that my biggest bud i had curing has a core full of mold. So i'm about to toss that out and mourn for a bit. The rest of my weed is starting to look good but its still a little hard to break up from being a little wet still. So i also noticed that my jar is now about 1/3 full from when i started curing and had the jar filled. I keep opening the jar to a little brick of sticky weed that i have to keep breaking apart haha. So i know the buds are gunna compress down a little but i feel like someone's been pinching my jars since it seems like so much less than it was. But they're smokeable now and i plan to leave them in a little longer and dry out a little bit more first


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Another trick I learned was to give the plants no water at all 5-7 days before harvest. This will help dry the buds from the inside while the plant is still alive. If the thing starts dying after two days, just give as little water as possible that last week.

My plants have never balked at this last minute drought, and I get really solid dense bud that is already on the dry side on harvest day.
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