Chinnubie Taking On Mediwana Clones


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After a 7 week veg we have put these two clones into flower on Sunday the 21st the first day of Autumn. Pictures of the mediwana can be found on my previous journal 2nd shot at PK. I'll be posting more pics as the plant continue to mature further into 12/12.
Thanks KJC. I have really been amazed at the difference between clones and seeded plants. the clones seem to produce more node branches than seeded plants. I haven't let a seeded plant grow beyond 5-6 weeks so maybe after planting my last PK fem seed and give her a good 8-12 week veg, I may change my mind. This last 6 months has really been an education into plants and MJ. My son wants to look at getting educated in plant growth and behavior, but unsure what type of degree to get. Any suggestions? I promise some updated pics of the clones in their first week of flower this weekend. Gonna start another journal on the single PK I just popped into the medium and waiting on her to poke her little head up.
I took some pics of the ladies in the flower closet. After one week they seem unchanged, other than raising the lights every other day. They are growing at break-neck speed and after burning the tops of the previous plants, I'm making sure that never happens again. Do clones grow a little faster than seeded plants? If so, why, and how much?









I hope these pics can give everyone an idea of how wonderful these girls are growing. I'm really looking forward to seeing the outcome of these fast growing mediwana plants, not to mention the buds that we will harvest, God willing.
Out of curiosity, I had gotten 3 rooted clones from my friend, I put two of them into veg and put the 3rd clone in the flower closet. She has had pistils for quite sometime, I think she's been in there for 5-6 weeks, so I'll pick the buds when she gets these flowers finished. This clone has really shown how hardy this species of plant can be with the proper conditions.




My wife keeps saying,"Oh, how cute." I guess that's her way of saying "COOL"!! This plant continues to amaze me and I Thank God everyday for including it in the human arsenal of medicine, even if some of the people in charge happen to be ignorant of this wonderful plants capabilities. In some cases, the answer to legalization tends to be stupidity instead of ignorance. Let's get informed on cannabis to show these fuddy-duddy people we don't have to cut down any more trees, etc.
These clones continue to stretch beyond belief. They have gotten as tall as me in their buckets. They've grown at least 1-2"s a day over the last week or so. Hopefully i don't run out of head room. We have a 7' ceiling in there which gives about 12" to spare right now. If they go beyond the lights I'll have to bend the stems or do something to keep them under some kind of lighting. I really don't think it's going to come to that, but we'll see.
The Mediwana Clones have reached 5'8" with their buckets so subtract 8-12"s for actual plant height. They are 12 days in flower and have begun shooting out new pistils everywhere. Originally, these clones were stems/branches from being in flower for 21-25 days and re-vegging these clones showed me how vigorously they get back to flower. This idea from CO Finest continues to instruct us minor-leaguers on how to get these plants producing wonders for us all. Just want to give the credit where it's due.

Are these pistils after 12 days?





Hope I can keep these two journals separated from each other.
Got some updated photos of the 12/12 ladies. hard to get good pics of them when they are under the HPS light. Tried to get pics after lights out and can't stand on a tall enough chair to get good top-down photos.






These were as good as I can get right now.
The PH may be a little low. Last waterings were ph'd at 5.6 and 5.8 but the leaves have begun to curl at the tips. Doesn't look widespread just the large leaves mostly. The Growology nutes PH at 5.0 on the step 3 with our water at 100-120 ppm. I've been adding "PH Up" to the mix and get it up to 5.6-5.8. Gonna get it up higher next time to 6.0 and hopefully that'll solve the curling leaf issue.
Okay, can anyone tell me if the curling of the leaf tips is a sure sign of low PH? My PH meter was off and I didn't calibrate it, inadvertently watering in 5.0 PH'd solution. Bad mistake but this last watering was calibrated and PH'd at 6.1. The leaf roll doesn't seem to be getting any worse so I'm hoping this will solve the issues. Fingers crossed. The flowers are gaining weight with 3-4 weeks to go they should turn out okay or at least better than the previous grow. Each grow is definitely teaching me new things and with each I'm getting better at this.
Fluctuation or low ph. When they were in veg the ph was 5.8-5.7 but I was an idiot and didn't continue to ph the nutrient solution to make sure it stayed stable so now it's flowering at 5.0 from the run-off of the last watering. Could I water in straight 8.0 ph'd water to bring up the ph or is it a lost cause with 3-4 weeks left? Chalk it up to moronic stupidity and make sure it doesn't happen again. Growing dank weed is fucking hard!!!!!
The weak genetics of this strain have truely disappointed me. I've cut them down to salvage what I could without wasting more time in the flower closet. The LF's appear to be better so we're going to put them in flower and shut down this journal never to be visited again.
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