Dean West’s Quest To A Quarter Pound Auto: Moby Dick XXl From Dinafem, Mars Hydro, Gaja Green Organics, Super Soil, 3Gal Fabric Pot


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INTRO- hey everyone I have decided to start another grow journal for my moby dick XXL auto grow. This is my first auto grow ever, but I have practiced lst with photos and I think I have a good game plan to maximize the yeild off this plant. I plan on doing as little defoliation as possible. I am very excited for this grow and have heard amazing things with growing these autos. My first grow journal was meant to be grown in a space bucket , this plant will get too big for my bucket so I will be starting it off in there any moving it into s grow tent when it gets too big. I just wanted to do a second journal instead of adding to my mint choc og one, I just want to keep them separate.

STRAIN INFO- moby dick XXL from Dinafem .its a sativa dominant 75% sativa 25% indica It’s a cross of white widow XXl auto and haze XXl auto. It’s a big yielding auto 70-230g yeild , I think I can get closer to the 150g range it says it flowers in 80days

MEDIUM/AMENDMENTS- so I am sticking with my trusty local shops own . Homegrown hydroponics organic supersoil , I absolutely love this stuff. Until I make my own supersoil I’m just gonna use this . It’s in a 3 gal fabric pot , I used 4 gal f medium in my 3 gal pot ( go figure eh) my food of choice is gaja green organics, I amend my soil with 2 TBS per gal of medium , I use a 75% all purpose 4-4-4 and 25% power bloom 2-8-4 for veg , so that’s 6tbs of 4-4-4 and 2 tbs of the 2-8-4 .this was mixed right into the medium, I filled the pot half way and put a solo cup in it, then I filled around the cup to the top , then I carefully removed the solo cup to leave a solo cup size hole, I put my supersoil without amendments into this hole , just so my seed doesn’t get overloaded , even thoe it takes a good week before anything is broken down and becomes available for the roots to take up,
I water ph’d between 6.5-6.8 but I try to stay closer to 6.8 because microbial life prefers a neutral ph to thrive.

CURRENT ENVIRONMENT- this plant is going to start off in my space bucket grow space for now , I have 1 hacked 23 w 6500k led light with the dome taken off. There’s a seedling heat mat under the grow space, the light is just to add more heat , I have a solo cup on top of the spot where the seed is to keep humidity up.

This is my first time growing autos so I am very excited to see what I can come up with in this grow , so don’t be shy to jump into conversation , so let’s pull up a chair and come along for the ride lady’s and gents

This is probably the most simple yet best resulting amendment I have used , as far as simplicity nothing is easier ( some people don’t even ph their water with this stuff and get good results , I am too ocd to let that go)

6tbs 444 and 2tbs 284

This stuff is really nice soil . Before I uses gaja green I used bottle salt based nutes , I didn’t have to feed my plants for 2 months with this stuff.

Tharr she be lad, let’s hope she comes up for a breath in the next day or two

I’ve used a few fabric pots and these are the best ones I can get locally. I would really like to try some geopots, I need a couple custom made ones to fit my micro grow box I plant in doing , just a little test myself project , fabric pot will be the way to go to not choke out the root zone like plastic pots do

This is her new home for now

So as you know I am new to autos so any help is welcome , I hope we can lean off each other and hopefully walk out of this a little more confident and with a decent yeild off this girl , most of my plants are indica so this be a nice addition to my selection of medicine.
Thanks for stopping by , I appreciate everyone of you who takes the time to read my journals and who comments them, you guys have made me a better cultivator , and honestly restored my faith in humanity. Have a good day . And happy growing everyone :morenutes::peace:
I'm in bro , I just use rain water and no ph iny amended soil . Curious to see what you can do. I treat autos like photos more or less just stop micro nutrients and more macro once flower comes.

Go Moby Dick :passitleft:
I'm in,Dean :popcorn:
I'm going to be growing a couple of autos on my next go-round
so I'll be following along with this one.
Hopefully they get a bit bigger than my last one...;)
Hey @Kingjoe83 glad to have you hear bud , do you have to treat the water for bug eggs and what not ??

@carcass thanks for coming by man. What did you end up harvesting off your last auto ?? From what I read there are really small autos and big yeilders aswell. They all have their place in the garden, just depends on space really, your last one was the low rider ??
Hey @Kingjoe83 glad to have you hear bud , do you have to treat the water for bug eggs and what not ??

@carcass thanks for coming by man. What did you end up harvesting off your last auto ?? From what I read there are really small autos and big yeilders aswell. They all have their place in the garden, just depends on space really, your last one was the low rider ??
No I run an enzyme cleaner every do often as well as neem oil drips into medium that will help kill gnats sane with enzyme kills anything dead bad bacteria .
What did you end up harvesting off your last auto ??
The little LowRyder#2 yielded 3oz. of dry bud-she was a thick little (11") lady.
@carcass wicked dude , I hope I get 3 oz I think a quarter pound is me being optimistic . I have a question for a few of y’all @Kingjoe83 @Pennywise @Emilya I purchased some soil and I had it inside and my wife stuck it outside and ripped the bag when doing so, I now i critters in the soil small winged bugs and un winged bugs , how can I get this under control and in the future when I purchas soil is there something I can do to kill anything there may be in there ? This is the first time this soil had bugs in disappointed but I have purchased this stuff many times and this is the only time I had a problem , I think it got infested when sitting outside for the half a day till I got home , just wanted to pick your brains thanks people
I buy Black Magic soil at home depot,and it comes pre-charged with soil gnats-I put it in my soil mixer thingy (it holds 7 gallons of soil) ,then dump in a half gallon of water treated with mosquito dunks (BTI) along with a healthy portion of Dr.Earth organic fertilizer-by the time I use it (about a month usually) there's no more gnats,or any other bad critters in there.
It sounds like you may have more than gnats,though (the un-winged bugs) -but I thought I'd just mention it in case it may help you.
See she hates what I do , she agrees with me on growing something that’s safe and I am within the law of my home , but she doesn’t like the smell she doesn’t smoke it nor does she have any interest on any of it. Everything is such an inconvenience for her. But when we got together years ago I told her what I enjoy and what I like to do and Cannabis and everything about it is a part of me. And she said it wouldn’t bother her , I think sometimes she wishes she took the get out of jail free card , but I do the best I can to keep everything out of sight and at the end of the day she supports what I do and love even if she doesn’t like it . I’m sure she’ll understand the earth smell
Hey joe where can I purchase this stuff I need to treat some soil brother
You can get it up here and Barrie Dunlop street just pass Ferndale heading towards Angus there on 90. Soon as you pass Ferndale keep eye on left little plaza go around back of building you'll see it from there.. homegrown hydroponics as it looks like this

Fyi it's cheap too like 25$ last long time.

Keep cool if you can storing I need to buy a new bottle myself.

I run it once a week or two . It's good stuff.
You can also try h202 hydrogen peroxide brown bottle at Walmart . 70usp. I believe out a bit in gal or what not and flush it through . Should kill it as well..
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